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Friday, March 19, 2010

Made for Hula-Hooping?

One of my teachers is kind of known for giving out semi odd extra credit. For example, when there was snow on the ground if you went out and made a snow angel you got a little extra credit. The kids obviously do not mind, and it is extra credit so no one is forced into doing any of it if they do not want to. Well to get to my story just this last week we could gain a little extra credit by hula- hooping. Seems kind of odd right? Well the only rules were you could get some if you tried and if you beat the time of the teacher you got double, and you had three tries. Well first off the teacher had to set the time limit. He put in on his waist and spun the hula-hoop around. It wavered there for and second or two and then fell to the ground. The official time to you had to beat was three seconds, so in other words if you do it you are almost guaranteed to get some extra credit. My whole point in this blog is not to just tell you about the extra credit opportunities in one of my classes, but more to discuss the art of actual hula-hooping. My teacher made a comment that went something like this: Men are more shaped like apples and the women are more shaped like pears. This comment was not made to be offensive by any means, but strictly made by the observation through this hula-hooping activity. A little history about the hula-hoop that I found to be slightly interesting at first though was that hula-hoop was "invented" by a guy. The only thing that I could think of why it was not a woman who invented such a thing was that still in the fifties women were still seen as a kind of minority and were not really "fit" for such a profession. But anyways the whole thing about the comment is that women seem to be shaped better to hula-hoop. Also it cold be that now in todays society if a guy is seen hula-hooping for fun it is seen as being weird or abnormal. It is just odd that the guys have to do the earthquake, row the boat, or corkscrew method to try to get the hula-hoop to stay up while most of the women kind of bend one of their legs back in forth and it stays up no problem. It is just one of those things in life that women seem to be built better for than men, but it does work both ways though. By the way, I was able to hula-hoop for longer than three seconds, so I recieved my extra credit, so I am happy.

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