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Friday, October 30, 2009

Farve Returns Home

This weeks match up is again a very crucial game for the Vikings. I know that I seem like a broken record saying this, since I have said the past two games, but this game is the Vikings last game before their bye week. Also it is important because if they lose they will pretty much be tied for first in their division with the Green Bay Packer, and I would rather see the Vikings sweep the Packers this season. This game is also bigger than normal game because Farve is going back home.

Farve returning is just another storyline to add hype about the game. I mean they even moved it to the later afternoon game, because there really wasn't any other good games on at that time, so this game will get more view than it would have if it would have remained at the noon game. This game should be publized though. I mean it is kind of a big deal that Farve is returning to Green Bay for the first time not wearing a Packers jersey. I really want to see how the Packer fans are going to respond when Farve and the Vikings come out from the locker room. I mean I would expect boos, but I don't know maybe there are still some Farve fan laft in Green Bay cheering for the 40 year old, who won against the Packer on his birthday the last time they played.

Like I said above this game is a vital one for the Vikings, and like the last one it will be another difficult win for the Vikings. First of all it is at Green Bay, so the Packers will have the home field advantage. The Packers have just two losses and they are actually a pretty good team, so the Vikings will not be able to make mistakes, like the last game they lost because of just two turnovers. Their defense did a great job last game and needs to the same thing this weeks game, because the Packers do have a offense that could explode if not contained. I really, really, want to see Peterson get loose and just leave the entire Packer team in the dust. Maybe even lay someone out on the ground. Anyways I believe that the Vikings should be able to win this game. Go Peterson! Go Farve! Go Vikings! Go Purple!

My score prediction: Vikings 31 Packers 27

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Man is a Beast

In my last post I was clearly frustrated with the Huskers for loosing their game against Iowa State because they had a ridiculas eight turnovers. So hoping that the Vikings would be able to win a pretty tough game, I was able to watch the first half before I had a piano recital. It wasn't too bad, besides the fact the Vikings let the Steelers get a touchdown right before half time. Just like the Husker game though the turnovers killed the Vikings in the end. They only had two, but both of them were returned for touchdowns by the Steelers defense. Overall though it was a pretty good game even though they lost.

As stated before was one reason they did not win the game, off of turnovers. Another was a terrible call by a referee, which if he hadn't had just bad call would have resulted in a Vikings touchdown. That drive also happened to be one of the two that the Vikings turned the ball over and the Steelers got a touchdown. In result if the game had played out the exact same but without the play the Vikings would have won the game 24 to 20. Getting past this piont though the game was well fought on both ends of the ball and both teams did play to the very end, it was just unfortunate that the Steelers had to win and the Vikings lost, giving them their first loss of the season.

The main reason for me to blog about this was not because I wanted to blog about the Vikings loosing a close game, but about Adrian Peterson. Even though didn't doesn't seem like he is runing that well, or doing as well as he use to is because defenses now base their main defensive plan around him. They keep an eye on him every moment of the game, and when he does break out it is just his raw talent shining through. He is just such a threat that at times defenses have to put eight of thier eleven player up in the box, just to not let Peterson out and about. Now in the game against the Steelers he had just 69 rushing yards, but there was one play inparticular that was Peterson just showing you what he does best. Just watch!

This was the best part of the entire game. I have watched this video probably close to thirty times. I just love the announcers responses when they replay it. "Oooooh my Goodness" and,"This man is a BEAST" describe it perfectly. Then there is Peterson,"AWWwwwAwwww". Normally I don't like players doing this kind of thing, but this was well deserved. One example of a player doing a gesture that just wasn't needed was Holmes, a wide reciever of the Steelers, flexing his biscep pretty much after ever catch. First of all it got old real fast, and he did it no matter if it was a 5 yard catch to a 20 yard catch. It gets really lame man. But not to get too side tracked, go ahead and watch the video again, and again, and again....because this man is a beast.

Video link:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So Easily Amused

This happened the other day when I had just gotten home from school. I had had XC practice and brought my dirty clothes home to be washed in a plastic bag. I put the the bag of clothes on the floor in my room and continued on with my day. It was in the evening and I was doing my homework in my room when I began to hear this really loud crinkly sound. I peered over the edge of my bed and saw Ditto laying there in side the bag with his Head sticking out of the opening. I must of forgotten to put away the bag after taking care of the clothes, and Ditto had found the bag. He was quite entertained by it too. When he saw me he crouched down deeper into the bag, and then pounced up towards me out of the bag. Then he quickly run under my dresser and hid among my shoes. Right then he saw it as a game. He would run along and crawl in to the bag and roll around in it. Then try and attack me and then go and hide. Lets just say that I did not get much homework done during those thirty minutes. He continued to play until he must have gotten tired and then just decided it was just good enough to lay and roll around in it. Ditto often does this kind of thing around the house, but with different things like pillows on the couch, he just likes to play and play hard.

A Brutal Battle

This weeks game, or I guess todays game, is yet another physical and brutal game. I know it may sound like I am repeating myself each week when I start off my blog but it is just so true that the games are vital in winning when playing another good team. Like last week that was the Vikings closest game yet this year, but they were able to win so it proves that the Viking may actually be a viable team this year to go deep into the playoffs. When there are only sixteen games in the regular season that doesn't leave much room for error.

Soooo, this week game like I stated about is going to be another bone crushing, hard fought battle to the very last second. The match up is a good one: Vikings vs. Steelers. Again the Steelers record is 4 and 2, but they are a much better team than what their record reads. In those two losses they were missing their key defensive player, Troy Palomalu, who got injured for those games. Now that he will be back for this game this boosts and already solid defense, so offensively it is vital that they convert on third downs and do not have many if any mistakes, like turnovers. Also the Steelers now seem to have switched from primarily running the ball to passing the ball. They have not abanded he run game, but just have been throwing the ball more and more effectively. This is not good news for the Vikings because Winfield, one of their cornerbacks went out with an injure, so this will make that side of the field a probable direction to throw the ball for the Steelers. Another injury that could affect the Vikings offense is that Harvin is questionable with a bruised shoulder. The Steelers also have a good defense like I said before. They are really good at stopping the run, so this will really make Peterson work hard to get any good runs, cutting back yet again on the Vikings offense.

It is not all bad but the Vikings are going to have to do quite a few things right if they want to remain undefeated. When they have the ball the offensive line needs to protect Farve really when. Secondly for the offense, they need to try and get the ball in Petersons hands and then block. Thirdly, they need to make sure that they convert on third downs to keep the Steelers defense on the fiels as long as possible. Fourth, they need to hold onto the ball and not throw any interceptions. Finally they need to be able to block out any crowd noise from the Steeler fans, sinse this game is being played in Pittsburg. Defensively the defensive line needs to get to Ben and force him to make mistakes. Then they need to make sure that they do not give up the big play. They need to get any turnover possible, like in any game. Finally they need to play defense the entire game and not almost lose because they pretty much stopped playing defense in the fourth quarter. I know it may sound like they need to play a pretty flawless game, but they also have to in order to win because the Steelers win get points off of any mistake they make.

Again I am not really sure who will win this game. It will most likely be a very close game, and who ever has the ball last may just be able to win the game. Again I will have to go with a Vikings victory because I have to think positive about the outcome of the game. Last weeks prediction of the score was the farthest off so far this season, so I am not really sure what it should be this week. Anyways it is just an educated guess so here it is.

My game score prediction: Vikings 27 Steelers 24

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crushing Turnovers

Wow! This is really lame. I get home from work and I find out that Nebraska just shot themselves in their foot; and only about eight times. Now if you are an Iowa State fan I do not even want to see you or even speak to you. It was the biggest bulls**t game ever. I am surprised that the Nebraska fans, it was played at Nebraska, didn't just storm the field in anger, but they wouldn't do that because they are pretty good fans when it comes to sportsmanship. It was not even the fact that Iowa State out played them, because them didn't. Nebraska had over a hundred yards more offense than Iowa State in the game, 123 yards to be exact. Their defense was also dominant in allowing only nine points even though the were on the field for the majority of the game, so this game could have easily been won.

I have got something to say to the Nebraska offense: Step it up you dumb***s and hold on to the f***ing football, period. If you can not do this go play somewhere else, or you have one more chance to prove that you can actually score points, and not lean only on your defense. I am sorry you can not expect to win if you commit eight turnover: five fumbles and three interceptions. The offense has been terrible for the past two games. They got spanked by Texas Tech who isn't too bad, but they should have won the game. Being rated 15th and then dropping out of the top 25 after that loss, I thought that that would at least pull them together to improve and try and get better, but in reality they just got worse.

Come on offense just score. Are you afraid? Did you forget your touchdown victory dance? Scared that you might upset the team if you won in your own stadium? Whatever your problem is get over it, and soon. You are now 4 and 3 on the season, and two of those losses have come from just plain out sloppy play. Not being able to catch the ball, just straight up dropping the ball, and throwing untimely interceptions will lose you game after game no matter who you play.

Ok one good side note to two of Nebraska best players: Mr. Suh and Alex Henery. Suh had a great game blocking two kicks; one for an extra point and the other for a field goal. He is also leading Nebraska in tackles as a DT. As for Alex Henery he did about all he could do with pinning Iowa State on their own 2 and 6 yard line, obviously giving them terrible field position.

If Nebraska does not win next week versus Baylor then I think you can kiss away any chance for a bowl game. They had a pretty solid first five games, but now have fallen apart and are not playing like a team at all. Bo you need to do your job and get your team together and go out there and actually have some offense and win some games.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Powerless of Red

I just got done watching the Nebraska vs. Texas Tech game. Man what a disappointment it was too. After coming off a huge fourth quarter victory over Missouri at Missouri and then being ranked 15 in the BCS rankings they are sure to drop way down, and maybe even out of the top 25.

Watching this game just made me feel crappy. They played crappy, they got crappy calls by the referees, and provided for a crappy game to watch. I do not how it could have gotten any more crappy. The defense got their blackshirts yesterday, and today played like they hadn't even heard of the term. They allowed 17 points just in the first half. Then a total of 24 at the end of the game. They didn't commit any turn overs and got only a couple of sacks throughout the entire game. They did play a little better the second half, but still being ranked the second best defense and only allowing on average 8 points a game before this, they didn't play up to keeping the blackshirts.

Since the defense did play better the second half you would think that the offense would feed off of that success of the defense and get on a roll since the Texas Tech defense would be on the field more and get more tired. Wrong. If anything they just liked to be on the field and use up clock time. This could be proven by the ridicules amount of penalties that they committed. It made me shout out at the television, which I usually do not do, because I was so upset. Then there were the calls that were just terrible by the refs. Not as bad as the one that that baseball ump made during the Twins vs. Yankees game; who called Joe Mauers hit foul after bouncing off the Yankees outfielders glove and then landing well six inches inbounds, by the way that call could have cost the Twins the game. Don't get me started on that though. It seemed though that the refs were calling everything on the Huskers and practically nothing on Texas Tech unless it was so obvious that they would get fired from their job for beating caught cheating by taking a side. To cool my steam off, even though it doesn't make me feel any better about the loss, I just need to realize what is done is done and no matter what I say or how much of it I say it won't change the result of the game, For that reason I am done talking and typing abo.......

Friday, October 16, 2009

Not the Claws

Just a while ago Ditto had the honor, like both of our other cats, of getting his front and back claws taken out. Since our cats never do make it outside because they are inside cats there is just not a reason for them to have their claws, except to tear up on the furniture. So Ditto headed off for the vet in the morning to have his surgery. It would be three days until I would see him back at home again, because he had to stay there overnight for two nights. My mom called to see how he was doing after he was declawed, and when they went to go look in kennel he was in, they found a little kitty laying on his back now purring because of their presence, obviously doing just fine.

After two days he was able to come home. His feet were pretty sore, but it didn't really show because he had just as much energy as every. Although later in the day he was sound asleep in his bad catching up on some Z's. I knew that Ditto was going to get declawed, so the night before I took a picture of his paw with his claws, and then afterwards with no claws. These two pictures can be seen at the top of this blog.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pruple vs Navy Battle

This weeks game is muy importante for both of the teams playing each other this week. On the deep rooted purple side of the Vikings they will try and go 6 and 0, the first time that Farve will have been 6 and 0 in all the seasons he has played in so far. As for the buffed up navy/purple Baltimore Ravens they are coming off two back to back losses, the first one against the New England Patriots and the second from the Cincinnati Bengals. With a win from either team would be crucial looking on towards later in the year and the post season.

The Vikings are 5 and 0 after a 38 to 10 victory from the St. Louis Rams. By the way I predict the score of the Vikings game each week and for the past four weeks I had been very close to getting the actual score; only a touchdown or field goal off. This last week though I totally called the Vikings winning 38 to 10, so it is pretty awesome. Anyway to get back on track this is the first time for Farve in all of his NFL seasons to start at 5 and 0, so that can only look to be positive about he is playing and how the team as a whole is playing. The Ravens on the other hand are 3 and 2 so far on the season. Their record though is actually deceiving. They are actually a decent team. They have a pretty good quarterback and offense that could rack up some points on you at any time. Also their defense is pretty good at stopping the run and overall their defense is one of the best in the game right now. Their two losses have been quite close games, and they have been making dumb mistakes and getting stupid penalties called at really inconvenient times during the game. I am saying all this because this weeks game will be the hardest so far for the Vikings and even maybe a little too much for them even if they are playing at home. The Ravens will be looking for a win and will be playing maybe a little harder than usual. The Vikings do have a strong confidence right now being 5 and 0 and all, but this confidence may hurt them. I am not saying a loss is ever good, but if they would happen to lose this game it might help them realize that they still have work to do before most likely reaching the post season.

Key things for this game to result in a Vikings victory. First of all is would be great if the offensive line could make big holes for Adrian Peterson. Last week Cedric Benson of the Bengals broke the Ravens streak of not allowing a 100 yard rusher with 120 yards. It would be great to see Peterson do that very same thing because then the pressure on Farve will much less. That kind of leads into the next thing. The Ravens are a very physical football team, so they will be bringing it on Farve all day with lots of pressure and blitzes. If Farve can get out of this and still be able to throw the ball effectively then they will be fine, but if Farve is getting popped around like a little bobble head I just worried that he will get hurt. As for when the Ravens have the ball, if the front four of the Vikings are able to apply pressure on Joe Flacco the rest of the defense should be able to hold up. If they need extra help to get at the quarterback the defense might be a little more shaky because of the less protection down the field that is then going for the quarterback. I have a feeling that this game will be very close and that in fact, as much as I hate to say this, the Vikings may get a loss because of a pretty good Ravens team that is starving for a win, and why not got your win and give the other team their first loss all in the same game. It will be a well fought game no matter who happens to win it. Go Vikings; 6 and 0!

I am having a really hard time deciding my prediction of the game score. I can't even really decide who I think is going to win the game. I think I am going to go with a lower to medium scoring game. Probably around in the mid twenties. Also the difference of the two scores being about three to six points, a field goal or two, difference. Now I am going to have to go with my team. Right? Yeah I have got to believe that they can beat a legitimate team. Soooo my game score prediction. No drum roll necessary.

My hopeful game score prediction: Vikings 24 Ravens 17

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quite the Character

Now that my family has had Ditto for a while I am beginning to realize his personality. Like you probably know your pets are kind of like people. They are members of your family, so they add their own type of living in your family, and often change it up a little. This is very obvious in the role Ditto now adds to our family.

Ditto can either piss you off or make you laugh and smile. He has natural sense of being happy. He really enjoys peoples company and often chooses to be around you. One example of his happy go lucky out look on life was shown when he had to go to the vet and began to purr even when he was getting a couple shots. I think that he just likes to purr though because you don't even have to touch him and he will begin to purr for you.

One thing that is kind of frustrating about him though is that he really likes to nibble on your hands even if you are just trying to pet him. He has a lot of energy and thinks that you are trying to play with him all the time. He also likes to bother our other two cats by running up to them and then jumping into the air, or just plain ramming into them and tackling them. His is still quite a bit smaller than our other cats so I don't know why h thinks he can go and beat up on them.

One odd thing about Ditto is that he likes to sleep in interesting places. For example he likes to sleep under the piano and on the bathroom rugs. None of our other cats have ever tried to sleep here, mostly because I don't think that either place would be that comfortable or feel that safe. Another kind of weird thing is that he has a pretty weak roar. His meow is kind of pathetic, but he really like to talk and complain to you. Ditto in general is a little strange, but is really friendly and likes to play.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Belated Monday Review

So I know it is kind of late to blog about this last weeks Monday night football game, but I am going to inform you any way. If you missed it you really missed out on probably the best game of the NFL season yet. It played up to be like a playoff game in just the fourth week of the season. The Vikings played and defeated the Packers 30 to 23.

The game play was quite different then normal for the Vikings. Brett Farve has had two back to back large games, and Adrian Peterson can say quite the opposite. Although Peterson says that it doesn't really bother him that he isn't having big games as long as they are winning the games, I still sense that he does want to have big games in their victories. One good thing about the fact that Peterson isn't able to run well is the Vikings are still able to win because the passing game has opened up. Farve had three touchdown passes in Mondays game.

The score of the game, in my opinion, does not show how close this game really was at times. The Packers could have won this game if it weren't for the Vikings goal line defense, some key turnovers, and the poor protection Aaron Rodgers had. On the one yard line for fourth and goal the Packers went for it and failed. This wasn't the first time the Vikings were able to stop a team on the one yard line on fourth and goal. I believe that the same thing happened last year against the Chicago Bears. Turnovers which were a fumble and interception dug the Packers into a hole. The Packers were driving when Winfield made a great interception. Lastly and probably the biggest reason why the Packers lost was because the offensive line of the Packers could not protect Rodgers to save their lives. Rodgers was sacked eight time through out the game. Four and a half of these came Jared Allen. Overall though teams have problems and the Vikings had their own during times in the game, so I am not making would of, could of, and should of's.

The Vikings should be 5 and 0 after this weekends game. They get to play the St. Louis Rams who are 0 and 4 so far on the year. I really hope that Peterson has a big game to boost his convidence and still show that he can control the game. Anything less then a ten point victory I think will be a dissapointment because right now the Vikings just now to buckle down and make it to their bye week because they have to face more difficult teams then the Rams.

My game score prediction: Vikings 38 Rams 10
Oh and by the way I just wanted to point out that so far my score predictions have been pretty close, now this one will probably be way off now that I said this. Oh well.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Sick Blog

Missing school is way over rated. I just don't understand why some people skip class. Usually it is because they are not very good in that subject, so instead of going they decide it would be better to just not go at all. This is such bull crap though. I mean if they don't like the class because they are not very good at it, then the only way to get better is to actually show up for class with your thinking cap on. Right now I am in the position of not even having the choice of going to class. Currently I am sick, but of course life doesn't stop for you to catch up, but instead just continues on even faster. Catching up on homework and making up tests, that is what missing classes in high school is all about.

In grade school missing school was awesome. You had just about one teacher and she would feel really bad for you and not make you make up all the assignments because you were just this little, innocent child. Then once you hit middle school, missing school wasn't too bad, but now at this age you aren't as cute so you are still expected to make up the work. There isn't too much make up work if you just missed a few days, but if you missed a week of school it was kind of hard to catch up. The gears then switch into over drive when you are in high school. It is like your teachers punish you for missing a day of class. Not just one of your teachers does this, but all of them do, so then it is just about six times worse. This is why I hate missing school now, especially when you are just sick. It is not like you are enjoying yourself at home when you are sick, but more like your head is going to explode when you just try to stand up. You feel terrible for a few days because you are sick, and then you feel terrible again because now you have hours of make up work to do into the wee hours of the morning. The irony of it all is that you probably got sick in the first place because of all the germs and sick kids at school! So right now I am sick, writing this blog post for homework just to find out that even though I am trying to stay ahead or at least on the same page, I am just slowly falling back into the many pages of make up work that I know will be lurking around each corner.

Tips to stay healthy:
1. Wash your hands often, so when you high five your best friend you are not giving them the middle finger of germs.
2. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, more stuff happens when you are asleep then you may think.
3. Cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow or tissue, nobody wants to get a nice germy shower.
4. Eat healthy, your body needs the right nutrition to fight off those bad guys.
5. Finally if you do get sick stay at home, it sucks to miss school with all of the make up homework, but just think of all those other wonderful highschoolers that are sitting in their classes wishing they were somewhere else doing something else until it actually happens.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big Monday Night

It is early afternoon and normally I am just waiting for the Vikings game that is usually at noon. Today is different though. I am still nervous for the game and can'y wait to watch it, but it is not even on Sunday! This weeks game, the Vikings are playing their biggest, most looked up to game of the season. It all happens on Monday night and I can not wait. They are playing Brett Farves former team, the Green Bay Packers. This game is a lot bigger than normal because of one person on the Vikings team, and I already mentioned him. Brett Farve. A couple years ago there was some troubles between the Packers and Farve. They didn't really want him to come back, and that year he went to the Jets. After playing a year with the Jets, he retired again. But then the Vikings changed his mind , and so now he is playing for the the Vikings even after all of the drama between him being able to play well enough etc. Now tomorrows game will be the first time that Farve will be playing his original team. Now all the players and coaches are saying that it is just another game, and that they just need to focus on the basics and win, but you all know that this look upon this game is a little too laid back. There is a lot to this game, and even if it is just another football game it has so much more hidden inside. If Farve wins, then Farve will be the first player ever in NFL history to play ever team in the league and win. Also this game is kind of a way to prove to his former team that he is still pretty good, and still has it. The only thing that I am kind of worried about is that Farve will try to do too much and force the football, creating costly errors. As long as he remembers that he has the best running back in the league behind him, and if the running game is going better than the passing game, then it is ok for him to just hand it off to Adrian Peterson. Overall I think that they can win this game, but it should be pretty interesting hense the reason why it is also on Monday night football.

My prediction is that the game will be pretty close, but since the game is being played at the Vikings home stadium, the Metrodome, the home environment will guide the Vikings to a victory.

My game score prediction: Vikings 27 Packers 24

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Memory of History

Sitting down I didn't know what to expect. I mean it was just my first time ever. Then it just kind of happens; when 86,304 people stand up and scream like no other. It was my first time ever going to a college football game, and it was huge. The word huge isn't even large enough to describe how massive it was, and if my vocabulary was a bit more broad there is probably the perfect word to describe the intensity of it all. It was a sell out crowd, but this was no normal sell out this sell out was special. Special in many ways like: that it was a Nebraska Cornhusker game, it was their homecoming game, the Huskers wore the throw back uniforms, and it was my first ever college football game that I have seen live. Still one more thing made this game even more important, and the only way it was able to happen was by the 299 other games leading up to this game. It was the 300th consecutive home sell out game for Nebraska! This is a NCAA record that no other college football team is even close to or able to touch. This record started 47 years ago on November 3, 1962! The last non sell out game for the Huskers at home was on October 20, 1962. The crowd of 86,304 in Memorial Stadiam also set the record for most people at a Nebraska Cornhusker game. The fun thing about this is that Memorial Stadium isn't even really suppose to seat that many people in it. It was one of the most amazing thing in my life.

Being part of the Sea of Red in the stadium, plus a little bonus in being in the student section made it even more than real life. As seen in the picture above it is practically all red, besides the few Husker fans that decide to wear either a black or white Husker shirt. I had to get there a hour before the game even started to just get a seat, because there were probably already over 50,000 people in the stadium. Sitting in my spot I got to see all of the pre game show. I got to see the all the players warm up. Also I got to hear the intro to all the player on the Nebraska team. That was cool, because if you don't the huskers defense is called the Blackshirt and it was pretty intense. Husker fans enjoy and cheer for their defense as much if not more during some parts of the game than for their offense. Then when the Husker team came out for real there was a deafening roar, and it was like this for almost the entire game. The game itself was not very good if you like a close game, but if you like a smack down then this was a very entertaining game. The Husker beat the Cajans 55 to nothin. Although even if you do not like blow outs this game was still fun. The crowd participation was at an all time high compared to any football game, mostly because Nebraska has some of the most dedicated and loyal fans; hanse the reason for the record for sell outs. I was able to do many different cheers. They included: screaming your head off when the Huskers leave the tunnel, the releasing of the balloons after the first touchdown, which was screwed up in this game though because people let them go after the first score which was a field goal, the cheer after scoring, the screaming during a big play, the loud rumble of SUH, the last name of a really good defense lineman, shouting bullshit when the refs make a terrible call and everone in the stadium knows it, and a rejoiceing loud sound after the Huskers have won the game, by this time most people are really close to losing their voice.

I was just blown away by the outstanding fan support, sportsmanship, and the entirety o the game. Since this was a special moment for Nebraska Cornhusker history they had a special film of some of the special moments in their football history on their video screen with fireworks coming out the sides. It was really cool. I took some pictures of the game while I was there. All but the one that was taken from the sky was clearly not taken by me. Let me just say that if you missed this game, you really missed out on a great piece of history.