No matter how bad it gets or how alone you feel, your appendix will always be lonelier.

Friday, May 14, 2010


So I think I am just now using my blog post to basically talk about nothing. I believe that everyone has a right to one of these some time in their life, because at one point you will not know what to talk about about, so you will talk about nothing. I may need another though, if I am already using my quota so early in my life. The interesting things about these blogs is that you end up talking about something anyways. You may not even realize it until mid way through, but you always have to talk about something. There honestly inst a thing such as nothing. Even if you think you are talking about nothing, like right now, I am actually talking about talking about nothing. I just kind of was drawing a blank and decided that nothing was a good topic, but it morphed into something. I didnt really mean for it to do this, or even to talk about this i just kind of got going and kept it going. I am not even sure when this blog post is going to end, or if it will ever have a true ending. Maybe it could end like all those books people like until the end because while technically they have an end, they dont give any true closure to the story being told. I believe these are what we talk cliff hangers. A name that actually makes some sense in the english language, although we are not actually hanging off or a cliff. I like writing these kinds blogs because they allow my mind to wonder, and ponder and be able to write what kind of comes to my mind. Although my mind kind of feels empty inside and not full of much thought. This is kind of why I had a hard time trying a figure out a topic to blog about in the first place. When this seems to be a pretty good stopping point, and I wont leave you hanging and I will now tell you that this is the end to the blog and my blog post about random thoughts of nothing.

King James?

A NBA playoffs are here and among us, and they have been for the past few weeks. Some of us care and some of us dont. Either way it was pretty difficult to miss all the drama behind the Cavs vs Celtics match up. While this is kind of old news the whole thing was built up to be great and I guess was in a way. The whole match up was suppose to be about LeBron James, also known as King James, and if he would be able to bring the Cavs all the way this year. Like I said before this is kind of old news, so the Cavs did lose. James was not able to do it. It isnt so much that the Cavs lost, because the Celtics are a pretty good team, but it was more or less the effort put forth by the Cavs, and in-particularly James.

I have listened to many different radio broadcast about the match up before and after since I wake up to this sort of thing in the morning. Anyways after Rondo totally dominated and James scored just 15 points in the game there was some room for discussion. Is James not putting forth all his effort? Is he cracking under the pressure? Is he just simply getting beat on defense? All these kind of questions popped up. By the way Rondo and the Celtics did just play really good basketball, but I still kind of see it, being the loss of the series, blamed some on the lack of domination by James. I mean this is the player that is suppose to be consider one of the best, if not the best, and he cant even score his average points per game in a playoff game at home. Maybe the Celtics defense was just that good, but why is James never really totally taken out of a game until now?

There are may questions that are still and never will be answered. There is one though that will be answered, but only in time. This is: what is going to happen to James's future? His contract with the Cavs ended this year. Now will he try to move onto a different team, or will he stick with the Cavs, since he have been with them since day one? This is what makes this whole situation even more dramatic. So many questions just waiting to be answered. Now all we can do is wait, and see it James will be able to keep the nickname, King James.

Sharks in an Blackhawk War

Here comes one of the final steps to the main goal of the entire Sharks season. They have made it past two teams so far to make it to the Western Conference Championship. The Stanley Cup is in the distance, but still in a manageable grasp. One of their final hurtles though is, the Chicago Blackhawks.

This team is the number two ranked team in the western conference, only behind the Sharks. The Sharks were able to beat the Red Wings, which in past years have their main trouble in the playoffs. Now they have one of the most difficult teams in the entire league to get past. If they are able the make it they are for sure to have a slightly easier team. This is one strange this about the entire playoffs this year. In the western conference the number one and two are battling it out, but in the eastern conference the number seven and eight are dueling. Obviously the seven and eight are playing good hockey right now, but they would have to be considered somewhat under dogs in the actually championship game since they are just so much of a smaller seed. It is just weird how the two conferences ended up just being complete opposites.

The Sharks do have their hands full, and while I could just sit back and write this blog full of crap and false opinion, I honestly think if the Sharks are going to lose to a team it would be the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks have a really good fan support. They also had a wonderful reason season and are ready to win the Stanley Cup. Overall they are a pretty good team. In this match up the Sharks pretty much just need to show who is boss. The first game is an important one because it shows some confidence and power behind the team. The Sharks need to come out strong and never release the gas peddle. They need to gain a confidence level where they know how good they really are. So well the new challenge and end this war between the Sharks and the Blackhawks, and Hope that the Sharks come out on top.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ap Exams

So the AP exams rush had begun. This Monday it kicked off with the AP US Government exam. Personally my first exam this year is tomorrow. I am taking the AP US History exam. Then the one for this class I am taking the AP Language and Composition exam.

Now who even thought up just a thing. A three hour test that usually consists of a long multiple choice test and a few essays to go along. I took the AP Biology exam last year. That was my first one, and now I kind of know how they work out. they are really long, you miss class, and by the end of them you are tried and you either feel really good or not good at all. They are somewhat never racking too. You know whatever you get is over what you learned over the course of an entire year. Also whatever you get is on your permanent record and there is no going back and taking it again. One and you are done.

So why do so many people take them if them make your hand sore after writing for a two hours and you dont even find out your score until the middle of the summer. Simple they are heavily pushed in high school because they make the school look better. Even if you dont like to admit it, it is true. The school probably gets more credit then you get, literally. The reason why student take the exams if the false expectation that they will get college credit. The will dish out as many test as possible because that is what they care about, a bit about the actual scores themselves. If you dont get a 4 or a 5 you do not have a very good chance at getting credit in college. Then even if you do get a 4 or a 5 the college still gets to decide if they are going to accept this kind of credit and if so for how much.

So I actually am writing this after the AP US exam, but I started it before in case you were wondering. No I will not release, any at all, information about the exam. If you want to know you should take it for yourself. I will say that I real like I did pretty well on it, which is good because then I will hopefully get a 4 or a 5. My next battle is the AP Lang. exam. Out of the two this is the one that I need to do well on. So good luck to all of you that are spending your time in a large area with a hundred other people and burning your hand writing, hope you score well.

Twins tell Tigers whos Boss

The division in the AL Central was closing the gap between the Twins and Tigers, the Twins decided to show the Tigers the back door. The Tigers were winning and the Twins loosing, and the difference in the records was the slimmest of margins, by half a game. The next three game could decide the early switch for the division lead. The next three games would be played in Target Field. The next three games might be a clue in to a close division race winning team towards the end in the season.

Even without Mauer the Twins won. All the games were very close, but a win is a win and a loss is a loss. The Twins have been able to do just enough to win their games. I believe they won all three games over the Tigers by just one or two runs. These wins gave them a larger lead int he division and more confidence when playing them. These are probably the two teams that will be fighting for the division this year, so ever game that the Twins can take away from the Tigers is crucial.

I do hope that Mauer's shin or leg gets better because he is a vital part of the Twins team, both in the field and in the batters box. he is one of the best batters, as far as getting hits, in the league. Also his batting average is one of the best in the league. So I really hope he gets better, because the Twins could really use his bat in the lineup and behind the plate.

Sharks going down to Crunch

So I am now pretty pissed. I pressed enter on the keyboard while I was just finishing this blog when it deleted the 600 word post. I have no clue why is did that, but now that makes me mad because now I have to retype everything I just typed up.

The Sharks have to play the Red Wings in a game five because they just lost really bad in game 4. The score was 7 to 1. It sounded more like a baseball game or something. Well the Sharks need to win the game 5 and not allow the Red Wings back into the series. Even though it does not happen many times that a team gets down 3-0 in the best of 7 series and come back and win, it is still possible; with the luck that the Sharks have it may very well happen to them too. The last time i remember this happening was in baseball. It was the playoffs and the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees were playing. The Yankees were ahead in the series 3-0, and the Red Sox's season looked like it was on game away from coming to an end. But the Red Sox decided to come back and send the Yankees crying home. This was also the series with Curt Schillings bloody ankle, I believe. It was fun to watch, but i do not want the same thing to happen to the Sharks. They need to win game 5 for many reasons, and here are a couple of them.

First they need to win because with their luck the Red Wings will come back and win the entire thing. They do not need to leave much of an opening for the Red Wings. The Sharks need to close it out and just move onto the next round. They need a change of luck and need to defeat their arch rival of the playoffs. They just straight up need to WIN!

Secondly the Sharks need to win because the sooner they win the longer of a break they get. The other teams series are going longer, so if they just win they will have a longer amount of time to refuel, practice, and prepare for the next team because the other team will still be playing in their previous match. This is always a slight advantage because the Sharks players will be more rested and ready to play than the other players on the opposing team that just got done winning and now have to play again in a day or two.

Well I actually waited to post this blog post until after the results of game 5, that way I could quick mention that either the Sharks did actually win, or they lost. Well....... they did win. The beat the Red Wings, long time rivals in the playoffs. The Sharks won the series 4 to 1, and game five 2 to 1. Not to bad for shutting down the Red Wings in their own house. Now Sharks will have all the advantage in the next series.

Here is a video not much related to hockey, but just to show the domination that the Sharks had over the Red Wings. In this video the shark represent obviously represent the Sharks, and the little seal represents the Red Wings. So here it is. Total Domination.Total domination. By the way this is about the spot that I hit enter and there entire blog post went into cyberspace. Really annoying, but I got it back down and this is about the end, right about now!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some mistakes are in your Favor

So the other night I went out to a movie with my family, and then went out to eat. We decided that IHOP sounded pretty good. If you dont know IHOP means, International House of Pancakes. We walked in and got our seat in the back corner. The waitress came up and asked us what we wanted to drink. We all said that water was fine, and began to look through the menu. Well I decided I was really pretty hungry and decided to get the Big Steak Omelet. I got it because if you have ever gotten an omelet at IHOP they are really big and you get three pancakes with it. So I decided to order that and waited until our food. We chatted and our food came to the table. My brother got his eggs, smokehouse sausages, and bacon, my Mom got a steak thing with eggs and bacon, and I got my omelet. I was sooo hungry I just started to eat. I was eating and noticed a mushroom fell out, and I remember thinking that was really the only part of the omelet I didnt really like when I ordered. I continued to eat the omelet and noticed it had bacon on top, and found that kind of strange but it tasted really good so I continued. Then about two minutes later and a few bites into my omelet, a big guy comes over with another omelet. He asked me if I ordered a bid steak omelet, I was king of confused but then it made sense. The waitress had accidentally grabbed the wrong omelet. So now I had two very large omelets and some pancakes. Right then it reminded me of a show on television called Man vs. Food. Good show by the way. Well the waitress comes over and says she is sorry, but it isnt a big deal to me. I just start eating. Prior to knowing this was going to happen I was actually considering ordering more pancakes just because I was so hungry but decided against it. I am glad I made the right decision. I down the first omelet in no time. I started the second. The Big Steak Omelet has the word big in it for a reason, because it was much larger than the last. I started to eat it and just needed to have something else. Time to eat the pancakes. The pancakes were absolutely delicious and gone in no time. By now I could begin to feel the food settling in. I still had half an omelet left. The waitress said she bet I could only eat one and a half, so I had to continue. By now I had people peering around the corner watching me eat this great deal amount of food. Finally bite by bite until the last bite was devoured. We paid and stood up to leave. The skinny kid stood up and was congratulated by the manager and waitress. I skipped out the door as we headed on our way back home.

Sharks fight the Wings


Sharks finally made it past the first round after having to play the seventh game. Win they move on, lose their season is over. This year might finally be the year that they go all the way. With many good players on the team, they have a lot of leadership and drive to get to the end. A lot of the same players have been with the team in the past couple years and they realize what it is going to take to get there. They have lost it many times in the past few years even while being a number 1 or 2 seed. This year is looking better now than ever because the number 1 seed in the Eastern conference lost to the number 8 seed. That means that hypothetically the best team in the other conference is out, letting a easier team from the conference into the championship game.

But there has been one stumbling block for the Sharks in the past years; both in the regular season and playoffs. It is almost king of the weakness, their Achilles heel. This would be the Red Wings. The Red Wings are probably the most known hockey team even if you dont follow along too much. They are known for the success and historically famous players. Now the Sharks are faced against them again. The wall to climb over to get to the Western conference game. I really dont know why the Sharks have so much trouble with the Red Wings. They are just another team, but they just seem to have the Sharks number.

They have already played one game in the series and the Sharks managed to close it out with a victory. It was a lot closer than you might have expected though. In the first 2 minutes the Sharks went out and scored 3 goals. You might be thinking well how come it was so close. Well after that the Red wings really buckled down and didnt allow another goal to pass until much later in the game. Meanwhile on the Red Wings offense they began to slowly make a come back. I dont know if it was ever tied at three all, but the Sharks mustard together one more goal, so they won 4 to 3. This is a good example of what i was talking about though. The Sharks had complete control in the first period, but for some reason or another almost lost it in the end. Now on sunday they play game 2 of the best of 7 series. The Sharks would be smart to win it because they may just need it, and they dont want to give the Red Wings a chance at winning this because if they do the result may not look so pretty for the Sharks.

Mavericks get Spurred

The Mavericks just got booted out of the NBA playoffs in the first round by their division rivals, Spurs. The Spurs won the series of best of 7; 4 to 2. For some reason I am not really sure why the Mavs lost. They did lose a lot of the close games when the margin was less then 5. Also they got into some foul trouble during some games. Finally I think that the Mavs lost the series because when they were on they were on and when they were off they were off. The two games they did win they won by a reasonable amount of points. Then once they got into the close games they were not able to ever quite get ahead and win it. They managed to win a lot of the close games in the regular season, but this couldnt be accomplished during the playoffs.

One thing that I believe kind of hurts the Mavs is that they did lose to they division rival. It would suck to lose to the team you really dont like very much. It is like that kid that you really cant stand and he does better that you at something you thought you were better at. This is kind of what happened here to the Mavs. They were the number 2 seed in the Western division and they lost in the first round to the 7 seed. It is not like it is bad to lose, but when you are kind of are expected to win and you really think you have a pretty good chance at winning, it does suck to lose then. Also i heard that Dirk, the Mavs best player, is open to free agency. He said that he is keeping an open mind and not trying the decide on anything until there might be some offers. It would kind of stink if Dirk left Dallas. I really dont know if I would still be a Mavs fan. He is pretty much he reason for me getting interested in the Mavs. Now if the 7 foot German leaves who has such an awesome fade away shot leaves, my fanship may leave too. I do not know were Dirk would go, or which team would offer what kind of offer. I dont if Dallas would pay the most to keep him in Dallas. I am not exactly sure how old Dirk is, but he probablt still has at least five more good years in him. He is kind of a special kind of player. Because he is 7 feet tall he can grab rebounds and play down around the rim. Not only can he do this, like most people his size do, but he can also shoot a pretty good jump shot and even hit fromt he three point line. This type of player is pretty rare. So all in all the Mavs may have seen some of their best chances leave them as they got spurred on their way out. Here is a video of some of the best shots by Dirk from 2007 to 2009.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mavs Teeter- toter

The Mavericks seem to be on their heels lately in the last two games in the NBA Playoffs. They lost last night to the San Antonio Spurs 94 to 90. A close game, but they still lost. One thing that the Dallas team is slightly upset with is the officiating. Like other sports this is often a common excuse if the losing team loses in a close game. It happens in basketball, football, baseball, etc. Sometimes this really is the case, and sometimes in a really close game the officiating really does need to be right on and less about opinion. For an example which still lingers in some Vikings fans head were the last couple calls in the overtime loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship game. The pass interference call moved the ball down the field which would eventually put the Saints in position to kick the game winning field goal. Now I am not saying that the result would have been different if the call would have been correct be not making the call, but it very well could have. Well here in this example the Mavs are saying that they are getting called for way too much. One player, which was making the complaints had more fouls than points and rebounds combined in Game 3. While Tim Duncan of the Spurs had twice as much playing time and only two fouls. The player wasnt even just talking about him, but also other team mates which were getting unfair calls on them. Sometimes the complaints are semi legitimate and others just out there to complain, but in this case I would have to side with the Mavs. Make it up in Game 4.

NFL Draft

Well another draft has come and gone. The were some surprises and some very expected picks. I preferable want to talk some on the Vikings draft choices, but mention some of the other interesting draft picks from my point of view.

Lets first get all the extra information out of the way about the oddities and expected. The Rams went like they were believed to and picked Sam Bradford. I guess I am okay with this, but I guess I am not that big of a Sam Bradford fan. Who is to say he is not going to get hurt when getting sacked by someone like Suh who went second to the Lions. I am happy for Suh, and am a huge Suh fan, but scared out of my mind that he went to a conference rival and the Vikings have a 40 year old quarterback. To put it into perspective I ran across this video which would have to be very worrisome to whoever this happens to.
The biggest hit on Farve, equals Vikings without a veteran quarterback. Anyhow we will have to wait and see how the season turns out. Definably the biggest draft pick was... you probably already got it...Tim Tebow. He was the first draft by the Denver Broncos. I would like to ask what they have in mind. The already have Orton and Quinn, so why do they need a Tebow who was one of the quarterbacks to go last. In fact Colt McCoy didn't drafted until the third round. The fact that Jimmy and Colt went down as far as they did was quite surprising. There were a couple other minor surprises, but none bigger then these.

I think I like most of the draft picks by the Vikings. They traded some in their spots and it appeared to work out well for them. Their first draft pick was Chris Cook, CB from Virginia. He will hopefully help a semi struggling secondary in my opinion, which was one of the Vikings weaker parts of the the team. Then a little bit of a surprise was that the Vikings picked Toby Gerhart, RB from Stanford. Yeah you have probably heard this name before. He got second in the Heisman in the closest voting yet. I was kind of asking why they went out and got a running back when they already had Peterson, but what I realized soon after was that Chester Taylor left, therefore they needed some type of replacement. Then they went out and got some big guys for both the offensive and defensive line. Then they continued to go and get some linebackers and a tight end. Another semi strange thing was they drafted a quarterback in the 6th round. They have a few QBs already, unless they hope to really train and raise up a new quarterback, I really dont see the need for one right now. Anyways I think overall the Vikings did pretty well with they drafts picks and only the future will tell if they pay off or end up hurting them in the long run of things.

Sharks Biting the Avalanche

Now I know that the NHL isn't really that popular in the USA, but I really dont see why. There is plenty of cool things that happen in hockey, and it is semi fun to watch. Only during the Olympics does some of the public seem to watch. I mean one of the greatest upsets in the history of sports came in hockey. In the Olympics of 1980 the USA defeated the Soviet Union. This was the miracle on ice. Now that was suppose to boost the popularity, and it did for a year of so, but even now hockey does not seem to be very popular.

Even if you dont pay attention to hockey, I have tried some to stick to a team. It kind of all happened on accident. I got a gift from my relatives that live out in California, close to San Jose. They knew that I liked sports, so they figured that they would get me a sports t shirt of some kind. Well as it turns out the only kind the store really had that looked alright was a San Jose Sharks shirt. Now when I got the present I was kind of surprised because up til then I did not really pay any attention to hockey like most Americans. I had not even heard of the San Jose Sharks. That is actually kind of a lie, though. I had a friend when I was little that was a hockey fan, and they liked the Red Wings, pretty much the only hockey team any one knows, but any way my friend had some hockey cards. I looked at them one time for the heck of it, and saw that towards the back there were a bunch of Shark players. She said that she didnt really like them and they werent that good, but she had a bunch of them so she put them in the back of her collection. It seems kind of strange that those would be the only cards I would remember her having, and a few years later getting a t shirt of that one hockey team.

Well once I got the shirt I figured that if I wore a shirt of a hockey team I should at least know something about them. I looked them up and found out some information about them. As it turns out they had gotten quite a bit better since the last time I had heard anything about them. In fact they were one of the better teams in the league. I thought this was kind of cool then, so I decided that I would become a fan of the San Jose Sharks. I also thought their logo looked pretty cool.

So that kind of brings me where I am today. The Sharks in the playoffs again this year and are one of the best teams again this year. The past couple of years the Sharks have had very good regular season, but have had a curse once it comes to the playoffs. Again this year they are kind of in the same place. They just the fifth game of the best of seven match. They are playing the Colorado Avalanche. The series is at 3-2 right now, and they play on Sunday. They need the win this up coming game so they move on and make it to the Championship Game and finally win it all. So I wish the Sharks good luck in their post season playoffs and that they dont make a stupid early exit.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy Day in Baseball

Just in case you may not have heard yesterday was a crazy day in baseball. Not only was there a no hitter there was also a game that last just shy of 7 hours, 6 hours and 53 minutes to be more exact.

The no hitter came from the Rockies pitcher, Ubaldo Jimenez, which is the first in the Rockies club history. He pitched a good game obviously, but he also got a little help from the defense. There was one grab in the outfield in the seventh inning that could have very well been a hit, but the center fielder of the Rockies made a great effort to run over and dive out and make the grab at the ball. This kind of achievement doesnt happen really much each year in baseball, maybe just a couple of times, out of thousands of games.

Another thing that doesnt happen every often is a baseball game that almost lasts seven hours. If I would have been watching this game live I would have been bored out of my mind. Mostly because it was so long, but also because neither team scored until the 19th inning. But then once one scored a run the other decided they should score too. So the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals finally went to 20 innings. By now the Cardinals had had their second baseman pitch and their shortstop. The Mets finally scored again in the top of the 20th, and the Cardinals were not able to quite match that. It made for a crazy game in the end though. This game was all good pitching though from the start as could be inferred from the score of the game even after 20 innings. These two events made for quite the day in the life of baseball. A no hitter and a 20 inning game with a final score of 2-1. Well I must say that I tried to find a decent video that would allow embedding, but I could find one so here is just a link to get to decent video.

Twins Finding Success

The Twins are coming out strong so far this year. They have played a few more than ten games and already have a winning record. I believe their early success has to do with a variety of good things that they need to keep up doing.

First off their batting have been pretty good. When they have needed a run they have been for the most part able to create one. As a whole their lineup has been able to run of the pitch count on the starting pitcher. This is important because when they are at bat they are able to get many views and a variety of pitches and may be able to sort through them and find one they like. Also this wears down on the pitcher and makes him work harder. This could create walks or just catch him off guard on a pitch that ends up going over the fence. They have been able to get on base so there is always a possibility of putting on added pressure to the defense of the other team to watch this runner, because their team overall still has pretty good speed. As everyone probably knows the middle of the lineup is the Twins power house. With the trio of Mauer, Morneau, and Cuddyer. These three probably lead the Twins in their offensive and are probably a moral boost in the dug out.

Second of all the Twins pitching has so far been able to hold up. No one pitcher on the their team is really a star. They dont have a Hallaway, or a Santana, but just a group of your kind of everyday pitchers. I think this is good though because then they can feed off of each other and not solely depend on one person to do all the work. Also they have been pitching pretty close to any other pitcher that they have faced. Sure they will lose and sometimes lose bad, or just have an off day, but they have so far at least kept the Twins in the games. The pitchers I believe know that they have a pretty good lineup behind them and if they do allow a run or two that it shouldnt be the end of the game. I think I may have mentioned something about the Twins having their closing pitcher out for the season. So far though the guy to replace him has done very well. I believe that he is six for six in saves so far. Even with a little of their early success I am still mostly worried about the Twins pitching, as long as they can keep it close in games.

Thirdly I think the new ball park has at least sparked a little excitement in the players and fans. It is always nice to play for a full stadium of people rather than a half full stadium. The fans seem to have responded well to the new stadium as well as the players. The Metrodome held lots of special memories in the Twins history, but now a home just for them, that doesnt have to be shared. I think that the players kind of feel like they have to play for their new stadium, in a way of telling the public thanks and earning the key to their new home.

I am really excited to see were the Twins go through out the season and who make it to the playoffs in the end. It would be really neat to see the the very first playoff game played at Target Field. So good luck and I will be talking about the Twins most likely later in a week.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Opening Day at Target Field

Well it has now been about a week since the Twins opened in their new ball park, but it seems to be pretty nice and welcoming to the Twins. They opened in their park with a game against the the Boston Red Sox. The new ball park seemed to be pretty whole in attendance and pretty popular. The club acknowledged many popular figures and former ball players or the Twins in a nice opening ceremony. In many sense the players really liked it and enjoyed the day too. It is always nice to win in your new stadium on opening day too. The Twins beat the Red Sox 5-2. The first home run, hit by Jason Kubel, was also hit on opening day. From now on it will be a beginning of firsts. The first run scored, the first hit, the first double, triple. etc. This is just a link to a brief video from a local news cast that was able to get some of the players reactions to the opening game day feeling and the new ball park. The name of the new ball park is Target Field. I found this to be kind of strange, just because I mean its Target for pete sakes. I didnt even know that companies like Target would do that kind of thing. It would kind of be like Wal Mart naming themselves on a stadium. I at least could have seen that one coming before Target since Wal Mart is such a power house in todays society. Even from the name the stadium looks really nice and I really kind of want to go there. Just from watching videos it appears that the big Minnesota logo thing lights up of something ever time a Twins player hits a home run. I hope the Twins continue to win, even if it is only like five games or so into the season. Slightly off topic but still sort of related is that the people of Minnesota should be happy about their new stadium. It probably did come out of their pockets some but it appears to be pretty nice. Now I honestly hope the the Vikings are able to get a new stadium. They have been asking for one for a while and are probably the most popular team Minnesota has yet they are so far the last to get one. The Twins and yes even the Golden Gophers got one before the Vikings did, which I found kind of strange. One problem now that I heard is that there isnt really much room and the good tax paying people of Minnesota just paid for a new stadium. Even still i would like to see an impressive Vikings football stadium go up.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Woods Returns, Phils Steals the Show

Woods came back for the first time to play golf in a while. Just in time for the Masters. Woods was an icon to most Americans, until the scandal that was leaked and made public and changed his public view forever. Well anyways even if you still dont like Woods, or you were rooting for him because you still have a soft part in your heart, he got most the publicity until the end. Woods played well and still showed why he is still the worlds number one player even though not having played in a really long time. It was Phil Mickelson though who ended up stealing the show. He won his third Master Championship, which is quite impressive. So welcome back Tiger and congratulations Phil.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Start to a New Season

Now some may be thinking that this blog would be about the time of year when the transition of winter turns to spring. You are some what correct, but it is also more over the start of something new when this new season begins. That would be the start of the baseball season.

Now I am a Twins fan. I was very happy that the Twins were able to keep Joe Mauer in their lineup. He is probably one of the best catchers the game has ever seen. Also Morneau helps just a little bit. This year the Twins are going to have to focus on winning games by their offense and their field defense. The weakest thing in my opinion is their pitching. Ever since Santana left to the Mets the Twins pitching has been hurting a little. What really urts the Twins this year is the information about Joe Nathan. He is having surgery on his throwing elbow. Nathan has been one of the best in closing game for the past few years. It will be difficult to replace him, at such an important position. The Twins starting pitching is just kind of average. Unless a pitcher or two finds some new stuff in their pitch the Twins are going to have to rely pretty heavily on their batting. This isnt that bad of a situation though. The Twins lineup looks pretty good. Especially with one of the best three to four man combinations in the game. Their speed on defense is really good. Their outfield has great range and they improved upon their infield during the off season. I am really pretty excited for the season. The Twins may have a few problems, but with the division they are in, the other teams look to be in similar situations. Only time will tell on how their season will end up, hopefully going deep into the playoffs.

No Real Loser

As many of us already know, the madness came in a final showdown. The Duke Blue Devils vs. the Butler Bulldogs. This game was one to go down in history and is to be considered one of the greatest national titles in college basketball. The game literally came down to just a few points and a few seconds. I am titling this blog no real loser because as most of us know, and if you dont you must really not pay any attention to sports, Duke did end up winning. Like i had said in a previous blog i had wanted Butler to win it all, and in some sense they did and in other they just bricked it. just in came you did just some how miss the game or key plays here is a nice little video to help you along.
So as you can see this game came down to the seconds and just two points; a final score of 61-59. The point that I mostly want to make is on the behalf of Butler. They broke all the boundaries of the publics reputation and what they expected from them. many thought that they would lose in about the second bracket, and if they were lucky they would make it to the sweet sixteen, but then lose. That didnt happen though. I can not be here right now though and say that i have been a Butler fan or believed in this team because to be honest I didnt really know about them until they started to pull off all the upsets. In my own defense though I have said that I am just a fan of March Madness and really could care less about the regular season. This Butler team did so much for the culture of the college basketball game. Being a 5 seed and making the just about the closest run you can at a national title. I am not right now providing any evidence for those people who want to open the tournament up to about 128 teams though. This is a crazy idea and really just a waste. Yes some teams can make runs for it, and yes the upsets are what make the whole thing fun, but no not this many teams need to be in the tournament. I do not want to get too off topic, but I just know there is someone out there right now thinking that they should, but you are wrong for thinking that; now where was I. Oh yeah on how Butler really impressed people. If you watched the video, and if you didnt you should because it will help in you understanding because I am not going to summarize everything that happened in the game, plus it gets you in the scene. Well right in the final closing minutes Butlers shoots the ball in a fade away and right here I am thinking short because the dude is drifting back. I guess he was also thinking this too because he put just a little more push on it and it squarely hit the back part of the rim. At the time this would have given Butler the lead. We dont know what would have happened after that though. So well stick with the fact that he missed it and the game continued as is until the last approximate three seconds. Now here the Butler guy grabs the rebound and off the missed second free throw and get to about the corner of the mid court line. Now I dont know about you but I didnt feel anything really. I mean I was thinking the game is over. The shot missed and Duke won. Then about a minute afterwards, yeah it took me awhile, I realized that if that last shot had done in Butler would have won the game. If that shot had done it Butler would have made the greatest national title in college basketball ever. If Butler would have made that shot that guy would be trampled and the place would be exploding. The thing is he didnt, but it was crazy how close he even came. I remember hearing a Duke player in an interview about what he was thinking while the ball was in the air, and he had some time because that was a heck of a shot. The Duke player responded something like he thought it could go in, but he really hoped it wouldnt. That shot not have come that close to winning the game. A few inches down on the back board and it would have been good. Enough with the would have, could have, should haves. That fact is the game truly didnt have a loser. Yes technically Duke won and congratulations, but Butler had won just to get there and to play at the level they did and come a few of just about everything close to winning. I respect Butler and wish them the best of luck next year at the tournament.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Its April

So I hope everyone has had a great start to their April. April though, can sometimes have a rude awakening. Either it can rain the first week, or end up being abnormally cold. This year, at least where I live it has been pretty nice. There is this one thing I am forgetting about though. That would be April 1st, or April Fools as we all know it.

It is like it sounds. A day to be reasonably foolish. It was said to have begun sometime in history when the calender which New Years from April 1st to January 1st. Now of course back then word could only get around by word of mouth or by horse. Either way if you are trying to tell everyone in a country it may take a while. So while some people were celebrating the new New Years, the others were celebrating on the previous date. Well the people still celebrating on April 1st were called fools and had tricks played on them. Now today the date and customs have changed a little and it is a fun and games to pull a trick on somebody on April 1st. So once April comes around each year you better be on your toes and ready for almost anything, and don't believe everything you hear because you might become a fool for falling for the trick.

The Confusion about Easter

Have you ever just sat down and decided that you would begin to think about the oddities of some parts of our lives. Well if you nave never done this I will give you a very easy topic to start with. Holidays, Events and the imaginary kind of things we associate them. Still Easter is this weekend this would be the perfect time and the prefect example.

Easter is probably the most screwed up commercial holiday that we have. First off there is the Easter bunny. Fine there really isn't anything truly wrong with associating a semi peaceful and cute little animal with a holiday. Also bunnies are kind of a sign of spring and Easter happens to occur around spring time. But there are just a few flaws. First of all we always call the animal the Easter bunny and not the Easter rabbit. Some how the name bunny just sounds more innocent and cute than rabbit. Second of all this bunny apparently hops around to everyones house in one night and delivers candy, goodies, and toys. This part is worst than Santa. At least Santa doesn't manual have to go to each house, he just sits in a sleigh. Not only does the Easter bunny have to travel by foot, but by hopping. I would just like to see you try and jump all the way down your street and back, let alone everyones house. Also if this bunny has to go every where what does he use to carry all these goodies for all the children. It is not like he has a huge sleigh or magic to help him with that. So not only does he have to hop everywhere he has to hop back and forth from his house and carry as many baskets as he can at a time before he has to go back again and restock.

Enough with the bunny business. Now to the eggs. The egg part of Easter is alright and kind of neat. It is rather kind of strange though too. Who ever thought of decorating your eggs, but I guess it is kind of similar to Halloween when we carve out pumpkins or paint them. Just a reason for those people who enjoy playing with their food to do so. Fine we decorate our eggs and have a good time, so what. Well that is not enough. We think we have to go and hide them around our homes and make it a big hunt. Why did we begin to hide real eggs in our houses and claiming that a bunny came by and hid them and left baskets full of goodies? I mean it would stink to not find the last egg, literally.

Well there was your seasonal example of the one of the holiday oddities that we have. The next could be the tooth fairy.

And Then There Were Four

As we all know, or most of us know, it is now April, and no longer March. That does not mean that the madness is far from over though. Of course I am talking about March madness, the college basketball tournament. Well just a little less than a week ago the Final Four were decided. Oddly enough though, only one of the four teams remaining in the tournament are a number 1. That would be Duke. Even having that said, there is still maybe a little bit of a surprise there. Duke was kind of said to be before the tournament one of the number one seeds to go down, and maybe even in the first couple of rounds. But now on the one side we have Duke and West Virginia. A number one seeded Duke vs. a number two seeded West Virginia. All in all though according to the seeds, there should not be that much of a surprise in that match up. If you look to the other side of the bracket there are some pretty big shockers. We have two, five seeded teams playing each other, guaranteeing a five seeded team into the National Title game. This match up is Butler vs. Michigan State. This entire tournament seemed to have that little bit of extra madness this year, and it could go all the way. Whoever is the winner of the Butler vs. Michigan State game will be playing in the National Title game as a five seed. Then this winner will be playing either a number two seed or the last remaining one seed. The fact that a five seed will make it into the final game just adds to the suspense and attitude of the tournament. It also just kind of builds up the high possibility of a big upset in the National Title game. Personally I don't really like Duke that much and would like to see them lose against West Virginia. That is not to say that I particularly want West Virginia to win it all. I would like to se the upset in the National Title game. It would the the cherry on top and the perfect summary of this years March Madness tournament. The overall number seed getting upset by Northern Iowa and not even making it into the Sweet Sixteen, and all the other unexpected upsets that happened earlier. Personally I would like to see Butler win it all. Michigan State is okay, but they did beat out Northern Iowa, who I was originally rooting for, so they aren't really on my top list. Also I think Michigan State after losing their key player won't be as good competition in the title game. If Butler makes it into the title game it will make for a good local story too, because the Final Four is being held in Indianapolis, and Butler is real close to there. So my hopeful finalist would be Butler vs. West Virginia. I would like to see Butler win, but if West Virginia happened to win that would be okay too since they haven't been this far in the tournament in I believe about 50 years. In the end I hope to be seeing Butler, the local high spirited team from around Indianapolis, cut down the nets. All we can do now is just wait for tomorrow while the Butler vs. Michigan State games runs in the afternoon and the Duke vs. West Virginia game runs in the evening. Then the two winners will battle it out to decide the National College Basketball Champion.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Think like a Bird

So I am gazing out my window again, and peering across the street again, searching for a topic again, and I see something to write on my blog again. You see I live in a fairly new neighborhood, and most every house has a newer tree. The oldest tree on the block is probably only about fifteen years old, so none of these trees are very big. Well anyways I am looking across the street at my neighbors front lawn tree when I noticed somethings on their tree. At first it didn't really click as to what they were, and I feel kind of stupid admitting this, but it just looked like little blobs. I saw at and looked away, but I just looked back again because I was confused at what those little blobs were. Finally I came to the well thought through conclusion that they were just little birds. The only thing I have to say in my defense of not realizing they were birds from the start, would be that it is the beginning of spring and winter just ended, therefore I am not quite use to seeing little birds on trees yet again. Once I did realize that the mysterious blobs were birds I decided to count them. 10 in all. Then me just being me noticed that no other birds there anywhere to be seen. Not even on any other tree around. I have a tree in my front yard and there were no birds on it, yet my neighbors tree was hogging all the birds. So why were all the birds just on that one tree? What was so much better about that tree than any other tree around it? Why had all ten birds selected to sit on that one tree? Well there isn't any real answer, but this is why the title of the blog is: think like a bird, just so it is possible to come up with the best and most justifiable answer. One answer could be that birds like to travel in packs. For example geese. If one bird chose to land on that tree, then maybe all his buddies decided too, that they would come hang out on that tree with him. Or it is just possible that that tree was just the preferred tree. Maybe the way the branches are, the structure of the bark, or the particular height of that tree. All the birds were lined up across two branches in a row of ten. Maybe it was all a coincidence that all the birds in the area that I could see decided on sitting on the same tree. If I was a begging person though I would have to say that this is the least likely of the possibilities. The mostly likely is something more to do with the birds and probably less to do with the tree itself. People like to be around other people that they know, and hang around them too. So, I guess birds really aren't much different. A bird or two probably chose to sit on a tree and some other birds followed their lead. Now one just left the tree and flew away and slowly all ten decided to leave to. Now all the trees are empty of birds and just stay there planted in the ground waiting for the next thing to happen.

Made for Hula-Hooping?

One of my teachers is kind of known for giving out semi odd extra credit. For example, when there was snow on the ground if you went out and made a snow angel you got a little extra credit. The kids obviously do not mind, and it is extra credit so no one is forced into doing any of it if they do not want to. Well to get to my story just this last week we could gain a little extra credit by hula- hooping. Seems kind of odd right? Well the only rules were you could get some if you tried and if you beat the time of the teacher you got double, and you had three tries. Well first off the teacher had to set the time limit. He put in on his waist and spun the hula-hoop around. It wavered there for and second or two and then fell to the ground. The official time to you had to beat was three seconds, so in other words if you do it you are almost guaranteed to get some extra credit. My whole point in this blog is not to just tell you about the extra credit opportunities in one of my classes, but more to discuss the art of actual hula-hooping. My teacher made a comment that went something like this: Men are more shaped like apples and the women are more shaped like pears. This comment was not made to be offensive by any means, but strictly made by the observation through this hula-hooping activity. A little history about the hula-hoop that I found to be slightly interesting at first though was that hula-hoop was "invented" by a guy. The only thing that I could think of why it was not a woman who invented such a thing was that still in the fifties women were still seen as a kind of minority and were not really "fit" for such a profession. But anyways the whole thing about the comment is that women seem to be shaped better to hula-hoop. Also it cold be that now in todays society if a guy is seen hula-hooping for fun it is seen as being weird or abnormal. It is just odd that the guys have to do the earthquake, row the boat, or corkscrew method to try to get the hula-hoop to stay up while most of the women kind of bend one of their legs back in forth and it stays up no problem. It is just one of those things in life that women seem to be built better for than men, but it does work both ways though. By the way, I was able to hula-hoop for longer than three seconds, so I recieved my extra credit, so I am happy.

All the Madness

This year of March Madness seems to have just a little extra madness so far. There have been so many upsets in just the first round and who is to expect what might come the the second, third, and so on. I enjoy sports quite a bit, but college basketball kind of gets left out all up until March. Then it is actually worth all the attention. This last year was one of the first years this I had made a bracket, and I didn't do all that bad. I didnt make one this year and I am kind of glad that i did because i think I would just be embarrassing myself just trying to predict who is going to win each game. Also trying to make a descent bracket without really paying attention to what was happening in the regular season makes it a bit more challenging too. This year though you could be really lucky and just try your best. Even the sports analysts who are suppose to be the experts on this are going down with many surprises. They always try to predict the upsets, but so far those are the ones that have not been upsets, but some of the other games have been. one upset that would be huge would be if UNI would go ahead and beat Kansas, or if another ranked 1 or 2 team would go down in the second round. This really screws with peoples brackets and really opens up opportunities in the tournament. I guess this is all for now, and we will just have to wait and see how this years mysterious March Madness works out til the end.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Riding your Bike

I was searching for a topic right and I was not really sure what to write about. I peered out my window and there was this little boy trying to ride his bike with his training wheels. This got me thinking then. I bet most people have a pretty interesting story about how they learned how to ride their bike. It is usually a pretty eventful moment once you learn how to do it. Well for me it mostly was mostly a force by my older sister and friends to learn. I don't quite remember what grade I was in, maybe kindergarten or first. Anyways at my old house we had this little hill on the side of our front yard. When my dad took off my training wheels and I walked my bike up the little hill. I got on the seat while someone held the bike stable. Then I remember get s a little push. I was quite ready, but I was able to get down the hill, but then kind of forgot in the moment that I needed to pedal and fell off to a side with the bike on top of me. Everyone wanted me to try again but I was pretty reluctant because I didn't really want to get hurt again. Well I didn't have much of a choice at the time and got pressured into it. so here went round two. This time i remembered to pedal, in trying to pedal i leaned to much to one side and fall over again. Lets just say that I did learn to ride a bike that day though, just through many painful attempts. Today I do enjoy riding a bike, and I no longer fall down.

Just Around the Corner

Well it seems like it is finally here again and here to stay (or at least for the time being). That would be spring. It kind or all starts when the snow begins to melt. Slowly inch by inch it wear away. Then the lawns and streets are left with this nice sandy caking. But, that is so forgotten when you step outside and hear the chirping of a bird. Then you hear another. Oh the quietness of winter has gone away. Then comes the blue sky. It is usually blue for a few days right in the beginning of spring, but then is covered up with gray clouds again. Don't worry though because these aren't snow clouds, but rather rain clouds. Then if you are lucky maybe another spring sound will make its rather loud presence. Thunder and lightning. With a flash across the sky and the roll of thunder. During this process the temperature finds it way back up to a much comfortable 50- 60 degrees. Watch out because now the sweaters, sweat pants, and boots are shed and the shorts, tank tops, and flip flops make their long waited existence. Outside begins to look more like the place to be. as I look out my window I see the big wheel is able to make it outside today. Couples taking walks and children playing on the play ground. The sun shines down brighter and the days get longer. Peoples mood begins to reflect this too. Things are born and life is rejuvenated. Flowers open and leaves reappear on the trees. Everything gets brighter, more colorful, and livelier. The transition from winter to spring begins its cycle once more.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Suh or McCoy

Now I know that the NFL season just ended about a month ago with the Super Bowl, but now already things are heating back up in the NFL. About a week ago the NFL combine going on in full strength. This is where you really get an idea and a visual of each player in their position, and how well they play, and how well they can take the pressure. Now is time for most players is a time to really show what they can do in hopes of making it into the NFL. For other it doesn't really matter as much because they have proven themselves in the spot during the regular college football season as some of the dominate players. These players often don't even come out to the combine because they pretty much know that they are going to get drafted. But there are a few that know that they are going to get drafted, but come out any way. Two of those just happen to play the same position and happen to be the two top ranked players to go one and two in the NFL this season. Those two would be Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska and Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma.

These two players are extremely athletic and both where very dominate in the game. To throw in some irony the both wore the jersey number 93. The question is who do you draft first? Suh or McCoy? McCoy or Suh? They are just about the same weight and height too. Mmmmmhhhhh? Well I will tell you that I would rather have Suh on my team, but no offense to McCoy because he will find a nice home in the second draft spot. Suh is so strong and quick to the line. Just take his game against Texas. I have previously blogged about this game and how Suh pretty much single handedly stopped the Texas offense. Here is a short video of Suh just rocking McCoy, the QB of Texas. Now McCoy is no small person either but he just went for the smackdown.

I would also pick Suh because of his personality. It is not like I have personally met him or anything, but if you have ever seen him on an interview he is always so humble. He isn't a jerk about being really good. Also many people could learn from his work ethic. He said that he blames himself for losing the Texas game because he didn't block the field goal. He said he had blocked three already, so this one was no different. This just goes to show that whatever team has the honor of picking him up will have a humble, hard working, and a leader on the field. All this things could easily be found in his career with Nebraska.

Now I watched some of the combine and saw Suh run the 40 yard dash. For a 300 pound guy I believe under 5 seconds is pretty darn good. I do not know how that compared to McCoy, but I do know that Suh had around ten more bench presses than McCoy, which is quite a bit. This again just goes to show Suh's strength. For those people out there that say that Suh only has one move I think would have to look again. Yes he can over power, but he can get inside and shed blocks to stop the run. He has really good eyes and is able to deflect passes over top. He is fast enough to get outside and stop the run around the corner too. In my opinion he is able to pressure the passer and stop the run.

So what will it be? Suh or McCoy. Vastly it comes down to the team who has first draft pick and how they see it fit. They will see which one they think will fit best in their program, or what they are going for.So right now all you can do it wait, and when the time comes have your televisions on to hear the first draft pick of the 2010- 11 NFL season. I am already pumped!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Car in the Kitchen

So while the football season it winding down, I have decided to try and pick my story line of Ditto, use to be a little kitten, now a cat with a kitten spirit. So one thing that I think really shows his playfulness is this new "toy" he has. He tends to find things that he likes and make them him either by always going after them, or hiding them. i am still missing a magnet that goes on my white board. Anyways his newest toy that he found was one of me brothers Hot Wheels car. He found it and took it into the kitchen one day. Our kitchen has a tilely floor, so things roll easily on it. Well Ditto is extremely smart and figured this out. He found out that if he pushed the car, just on the kitchen floor, that it would roll across the room and then he could ran to it and pounce on it. So now every now and then you will hear this rolling of a car across the floor, and we no longer want it is. There is now a car in our kitchen, and it stays just in the kitchen because Ditto knows that that it is the only place where it will actually work.


While I would have rather seen the Vikings in the Super Bowl this year, the story lines are still pretty good. You have the city represented team, the New Orleans Saints and the city hero arm slinging, Indianapolis Colts.

The Saints have turned into being the representative of the city of new Orleans. Everyone knows what happened to the city a few years a ago with hurricane Katrina, and the destruction it cause to the city. All hope was lost and and the Saints were in question of having to move and no longer be home to New Orleans. They were one of the worst teams in the league for a long time. Finally with some fan support, some key stars, and a good head coach this team has made it to their first Super Bowl in franchise history. One less team to the list that has yet make t to the Super Bowl. Now they head to Miami to face the Colts who know what it is all about to be in this kind of stage, because a few years ago they won their own Super Bowl.

When you hear you hear the team name Colts, it is almost automatic that you think the quarterback, Peyton Manning. Maybe the best to ever play the position, and compared to a robot slinging machine, with scary accuracy. Manning makes his receivers stars. Like Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark; even though they are good themselves. He makes the team step up to entire new level of playing, and picks apart the defense bit by bit until they win. Manning works hard and plays hard and he wins. If you mention a running game in Indianapolis, people will probably stare at you then start walking away laughing.

So in a few hours the two teams will meet. The Colts are the favored team in this game by five points. This game is mostly a game of each side of the game. For the offensive side, it the fight to the first team to not score a touchdown. For the defenses it will be if they can make a stop against the high flying offenses. Both teams have for the most part relied on their offenses to put up points. This game though I believe it will come down to what the defense and front guys can do. If they can get after the quarterbacks their team have the best chance at winning the Super Bowl. It may just come down to has the ball last in the game to see if they are going to be able to win.

While I think the Colts may have a slight advantage with being at a stage this big before a few years ago, and I think that they might win, I personally have to cheer for the Saints. They beat the Vikings, and that doesn't make me feel good, but if at least they win the Super Bowl I can at least say that they lost the the Super Bowl champs. Also I feel like the Saints winning would be huge for the city of New Orleans, which at the moment needs all the help, support, and hope they take. Also it being their first time and the Colts winning the Super Bowl just a few years ago, I would like to see another team win, and why not have it be their first.

So here it is, while I have missed a few, my final game score prediction of the 2009- 2010 season. I have to at least have to think that the team I want to win is going to win, so here it is.

Saints: 41 Colts: 38

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Post Pro Bowl

Almost a week ago was the Pro Bowl. As I had previously stated it was not really worth watching because of the lack of effort by most of the players. The AFC won 41 to 34, beating the NFC. Personally I wanted the NFC to win because I like the NFC conference better, but they lost. As it turned out the record of the Pro Bowl, as of now, the AFC and NFC have both won the same number of times. Each with 20 wins. As most MVP or high honors awards go, an offensive player won it. Surprise, surprise and it was a quarterback. Matt Schuab of the Texans had two touchdowns in the game and won the MVP award. If the high score doesn't tell you enough it was pretty much an offensive game. Part due to the fact like I have previously stated that players do not want to get injured, and therefore they do not hit as hard. There was not much defense on either side of the ball unless there was an interception. This Pro Bowl also set the record for the amount of passing yards. Both teams combined only ran the ball approximately 10 times the entire game. My last general thing to say about the game is that the attendance was the highest it has ever been, at least. This is mostly due to the fact that the Pro Bowl was not in Hawaii, but rather in Miami. While the players would rather have it in Hawaii too, more people did watch. The next two years though it will be played at Hawaii. Also better or worse the Pro Bowl was probably better to have before the Super Bowl, and that could also be part of the reason why a record attendance watched.

I just have a few more key things to talk about in this Pro Bowl. First would be why the heck would you put Tony Romo in as the last quarterback for the NFC. In my opinion he is not even that great of a quarterback. Sure he has some god moments, but he also has some really ones too. He basically lost it for the NFC. He got sacked more times than any other quarterback int he entire game. He also threw an interception on the final drive. The only player he ever really tried passing the football to was Miles Austin. The only reason for being the final QB in the game was probably the coaching of Wade Phillips, the Cowboys head coach. Why would you make your team worse by putting in the lowest voted quarterback in last to try and win the game for you. It just doesn't make much sense. Oh well the game doesn't matter that much, and it is over with, I just think that the decisions made by some o the coaching staff on the NFC wasn't very good. It just looked like the AFC wanted the to win the game more than the NFC, so congratulations.

Here is just a short video of some of the highlights of the Pro Bowl.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


I realized this weekend listening was really important. I had always known this, it is not like it is something I randomly discovered; like the guy who came up with sticky notes. It is something that is so essential though. Someone can say something but that is only half the message. If the person does not listen or hear you, the message never gets across. Also maybe even worse than not hearing the message at all is only getting bits or pieces. In this kind of situation the person may hear some of it but make up something else to fit for what they missed. Oh listening is such a vital key to our existence. Just image if the Sec. Of Defense said "Those blasted Russians" and the President heard "Blast the Russians". While usually not this drastic listening is such and important tool. Just thought I would say this.

Pro Toilet Bowl

The NFL may as well just not have the Pro Bowl. It is just a waste of time, and wasted effort. It may as well be called to Toilet Bowl, because it has all gone to waste. Now it is being held in Miami, and a week before the Super Bowl. While it was suppose to be a game to anticipate the Super Bowl, instead it is just a wasted attempt to see who players try to get out of playing in the game.

While it maybe considered an honor to be selected onto the Pro Bowl, it does not seem to be that way among the players. For them it is simply a way to earn more money and get higher salaries by saying that they are Pro Bowlers. Half of them try to come up with the lamest of excuses, in order to not have to play. I f a player really is in fact injured they should not have to play, but if they have a dime sized bruise on their leg they should not be able to escape the honor. That is one thing that I do not understand. It should be a honor to make it into the Pro Bowl. You are being recognized as one of the best at your position. Why would you try to escape such an honor. For 30 of the teams at this point the season is over, so you have nothing to really lose. If it is injure that players are worried about look at how few injures players actually get that take longer than a week to get better. Also the players that actually play in the Pro Bowl don't play as hard and physical, for the most part, because they don't want to get injured and they do not want to injure anyone else. Therefore the "game" is pretty much a cat walk for really good Pro football players to be seen by the public. The fact that the NFL put it in Miami and a week before the Super Bowl, in my opinion was a terrible idea. The two teams going to the Super Bowl are most likely going to have quite a few pro bowler on their team and now they will not be able to play in the game because of the slight risk of injury and practices. The NFL is making the Colts and Saints go and see the Pro Bowl I believe. This is honestly just making the Pro Bowl look more pathetic than it already is. Hawaii, by the way, sounded like a better spot for the Pro Bowl. In conclusion, I commend and congratulate those who were voted to be Pro Bowlers and those who are actually participating in the game. For those who are you better have a darn good reason. For those who are just pansy's, you are pathetic and should a decrease of pay since you are already making millions.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alright Lets Talk

Breathe in. Breathe out. It has now almost been a week since the...breathe in, and out....Vikings loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship game. I had to blog about this post game, but I also had to wait to cool down, so I might have less curse words or such. It is still kind of difficult to know that now the Vikings season is over and now Farve is "highly likely not to return next year", but more on that case later.

The Vikings played, lets see how should I put this, like they wanted to win the game, but felt sorry for the Saints so they let them win the close game which should have been a near 14 point loss. I will just say this now that this blog will be full of all the would of, could of ,and have of's of the game. This entire game for the Vikings was missed opportunities, poor calls, and haunting pasts. The Vikings had turnovers in the game. When that happens the team should pretty much blow up the other team, right? Wrong in this game the Vikings had 6 turnovers and they forced the game into overtime, by tying the game up at 28 to 28. That stat right there was the most influential of the result of the game. The Vikings coughed up the ball three times while in the red zone. Had they not been able to convert on a third down they were close enough to kick a field. By the way the Vikings have a very reliable kicker, so he would have made at least one of the three possible field goals. Lets just say that the game played out the way it did all the way to the last minute of the game. The Vikings have the ball with about a minute left and they are about on the Saints 30 to 35 yard line. Close enough to kick a pretty long field goal, but yet still a chance. They choose to run the ball two times on first and second down. Nothing. Then they get caught with 12 players in the huddle. Right here I am like what the hell are they thinking right now. You should be more focused than ever at this point in the game. I didn't even know this was a penalty because I have never seem a team get it. It is a five yard penalty. So I am thinking fine get the five yards back and maybe a couple more if possible, just hang onto the ball. So the play starts. Then it ends in disaster. Watch the video again. So you decide what Farve could have done with the ball. He could have thrown it to any one else except to Rice. Someone was open to his left for a pick up of 8 to 10 yards. That was all they needed too. So the game came down to pretty much one bad, terrible, season ending play.

There was much more than the turnovers though. There were also the bad, terrible, season ending calls against the Vikings right near the end of the game and throughout parts of the game. The Saints said that they wanted to hit Farve, and they did. often times though it was after the fact that he didn't have the ball and he would get hit or pushed down. This ultimately led to him getting injured. I have a slight problem being that the Saints want to hurt Farve. Another terrible call which could have changed the game was the passing interference call on Ben Leber. The Saints receiver first of all tripped under his own legs. Second of all the ball wasn't even close enough for him to catch. Finally one last terrible call even after a challenge was when the guy supposedly caught the football. The Vikings challenged it because the receiver didn't have complete control of the ball until it hit the ground and he rolled over top of it. I mean he tried to catch the ball against his leg! Of course though it was ruled a catch, and then they show video of the receiver who was laughing about it on the sidelines becuase you could just tell it in his eyes that he didn't actually catch it.

Finally this game was of just bad history. The last pass that Farve threw as a Packer was an interception in overtime in the playoffs against the Giants, by the way the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl I believe. also the Vikings have always played bad in the playoffs. They have been to the Super Bowl 4 times and lost each time. This year was probably their year at going all the way. Now Farve will most likely retire, like Kurt Warner did just yesterday. Also Big man Pat Williams was thinking about retiring after this year. He was one of the guys to stop the run. But Farve. Oh Farve. If he reties what do the Vikings do next year? Looking Forward to NEXT YEAR? I just do not know? So many questions. So many disappointments.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vikings vs Saints Preview

Tomorrow is the NFC Championship game. The Vikings go down to the Superdome to play the Saints. You can bet that this game is huge for both teams, but I would really like to see the Vikings come out on top.

The Superdome is going to be rocking. The Vikings are going to have to go to their silent count, which does kind of hurt their offense a little. Farve can sometimes get defense to jump with a loud count, but now the issue will be with the offense not jumping. Another issue that has evolved over the past few days is injures, for the Vikings. Ray Edwards hurt his knee in the Cowboys game and now one of the Williams has issue too. Harvin is one of the latest with his migraines. I personally use to get migraines, and I know how they feel, so I do not know if he is going to play. These injures are really bad for the Vikings because two of them are starting defensive linemen and Harvin in a dynamic returner and quick receiver. The Vikings really need to be pretty much at full strength if they want to win this game.

The Saints has shown their offense throughout the season. Their defense is also capable of stepping up when needed. They are very good at creating big plays, like turnovers. They had 26 interceptions this season. The weakest part of their defense might be their running defense. This in my opinion is key because the Vikings are going to need to run the ball. I have been saying this since the middle of the season, but Peterson needs to break out and get some big runs. This will and needs to be a key focus in the game tomorrow. Again to beat the Saints the defensive line while beat up, has to get to Drew Brees. If they do not apply pressure on him he will be able to pick apart the secondary. Defense is a must to stop the rolling Saints in the air and on the ground.

Here is a video preview of the game.

The Vikings will need to be playing well. Just to sum it up would be play your best and get the crowd noise out of the game as soon as possible. Get healthy, and play for the Super Bowl. Go Vikings! Go Purple!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Postgame Extra

This is the blog post with a follow up on the Vikings vs. Cowboys game part 2. This one is more just focused on the key plays, how it all went down, and just some random things I would like to say that I picked up on while the game progressed. I still am overjoyed that the Vikings won, and now they are one step closer to the ultimate goal of any football team at the beginning of their season. Just in case you happened to miss the game here is a video of the highlights, and how the Vikings totally dismantled the Cowboys.

As you could see the game was pretty much dominated by the front four of the Vikings D line and the offense of Farve and Rice. First to start off with the D line. They played great when they had to. They let the Cowboys drive down into their territory, but then came up with a stop. This is evident just with the score. By just allowing three points, and of course the two other missed field goals. Even with those missed field goals they did not allow the Cowboys to score a touchdown. Part of this is due to the fact that they never let them get a big offensive play. This will be key in this following game. The other thing that I mentioned earlier in this paragraph is the connection between Farve and Rice. Rice got three touchdowns in this game, which is very good and not very usual for a receiver. I would also like to point out that Peterson was not that big of an influence on the game. I find this to be rather depressing because he is such a young running back, and he has done so well in the past few years, but his year he does good, but nothing eye popping or stellar. This is one thing that I will talk about later in a blog. But Farve had a great game with four touchdowns. I like Farve, but I feel like with his presence that Peterson is not doing as well, and I will just leave it at that for now.

Another thing that I noticed in this game is that the offensive line did well against a well known pass rushing defense. They allowed just three sacks I believe, which is not that bad considering that Farve is not that mobile of a quarterback and he just took the sack instead of forcing the football down field. This is part of the new Brett Farve that the world is seeing though. In the old days Farve would throw the ball well under pressure which had the risk of an interception. This year though he has the lowest interception rate and the best touchdown to interception ratio out of all the starting quarterbacks in the league. This is a key part in the Vikings success: win the turnover battle. If your quarterback is throwing interception it makes it more difficult to win games. Just use the Bears season this year. Jay Cutler threw the most interception out of any quarterback this season. note that they did not win that many games. Some of these are close games and if you don't throw interceptions some of those drives can turn into points. The Vikings did not have any turnovers in the game vs the Cowboys, but covered two fumbles and picked off Romo once. These turnovers are huge in and game for two reasons. The other team now has the ball, and now they most likely have the momentum of the game.

Kind of to wrap stuff up I think it would be appropriate to mention something a thing of two about the last few things of the game. The play where Farve passed for a touchdown to their tight end on fourth and three with less than two minutes less in the game and already winning by 20 some points was considered very debating. Was it right or ok for the Vikings to go for it on fourth down when they already knew that they were going to win. I say yes, for many reasons. First of all this was the second time that the Vikings in the last few minutes were inside the 20 and went for it on fourth down. They could have easily kicked the field goal and most likely would have made it. Had they done this both times they just would have won the game 33 to 3, instead of 34 to 3. So was it really that much of a difference on the scoreboard. I do not think so. I fthis is not enough to the fact that it is ok to score, is that if the cowboys did not want to see the score on the board then they should have tried harder to stop it. They are a professional team like all the other 31 teams in the league, and they have professional players that get paid loads of money. If they did not like they should have stopped it. Plus it just gave the Vikings more confidence and and momentum going into this weeks game. The blog above this one will be a informative about the Vikings vs. Saints match up, and what the Vikings need to do to pull off a victory in a very loud and Saint supported stadium. Go Vikes!