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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almost Christmas/ Holiday?

It is 5 days before Christmas, but yet it does not seem too Christmasy. Yeah I made that up the word christmasy, but when ever you are in doubt of needing an adjective to descibe something that is an event, holiday, or somethings of that matter just add a -y or -ish to the end of the word. For example orangeish or computery. It just means that it is not quite orange, just slightly orange; or it just has something to do with computers. Christmasy is just a word to describe the amount Christmas or sense of Christmas. To get back on track though it does not seem like Christmas is near. It feels like it is just another cold day in mid January with snow on the ground. Maybe it does not feel like Christmas time because now it has turned into Holiday. Christmas does not equal Holiday. A holiday is any day which is recognized for a reason. Now a days we have just capitalized it and made it noun to be less offensive. How long have people been saying Merry Christmas for anyways? When someone says Merry Christmas it is extremely unlikely that they are actually meaning it to be offense and mean the celebration of Christ's birth. Christmas has become such a material holiday that the first thing that comes to peoples minds when someone says Merry Christmas is Santa and presents. I say Merry Christmas to people all the time and never once have I ever gotten chewed out or corrected to saying it instead of happy holidays. People are too sensitive if they have the time to correct you about a saying that has been said for hundreds of years. I like Christmas for the actually meaning and the material holiday it has turned into, but why worry about one little common saying: Merry Christmas! I hope you have a good one too!

Saints Go Marching Down

Well last night the Saints finally faced defeat. It only seemed a matter of time to me because of very close wins of the the past few games. They have had a game go into overtime because they battled back and scored a touchdown in the last few minutes of the game. Also in other games where they were down in the fourth quarter, but they found a way to win. Good football teams can come back and win, but not every single game can be like this though because you are eventually play a good team and not be able to come back and win. If I could name on team that has had lots of luck this season it would be the Saints. Just for the perfect example the Cowsboys kicker missed a 2o some yard field goal with less than three minutes left in the game and already being ahead by a touchdown. Here is a video of how lucky the Saints were in this game even though they lost. This link will take you to the video: Cowboys misses 24 yard field goal. He hit the right field goal post! Had the kicker made the field goal the game would have been over, but of course the Saints at least had a chance to score again and send the game into overtime or win it with a two point conversion. The Cowboys defense played hard and Ware forced a fumble when he sacked Brees with twelve seconds left.

Now I normally wouldn't be blogging about either team, but the loss for the Saints does effect the Vikings. As I stated the Vikings are 11 and 2 and the previously undefeated Saints, now 13 and 1, were the two main teams fighting for home field advantage in the playoffs. With this loss it helps the Vikings have a better chance at winning the advantage. While the Vikings still have to win their last few game they still only have a small chance. If you look at the two remaining games for the Saints you see that they finish the season on a pretty easy note. They have to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the North Carolina Panthers. Only the Panthers have a winning record of the two. So still the Saint losing one more game it is not very likely, but I guess to think with a more positive attitude anything is possible. It is not like I do not like the Saints, but I like the Vikings better and they are competing for the same thing and for the best record in the NFC. I will just have to wait and see how things play out for the next two weeks.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pre- Sunday Night Football


After an important win last Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals the Vikings continue their journey to a bright playoff future. With the win they did clinch a playoff spot, but they have yet to clinch their division because of the dumb cheese headed Green Bay Packers. Who in the world would be proud to be called a Cheese Head anyways? Since the Vikings did happen to beat the Packers both times in the regular season this year they do have the tie breaker if their records stand to be equal in the end, but it will not so no big deal. The Packers are fighting for a wild card spot though, and have a pretty good chance at getting it. I will let the Packers carry on on their own, but what I am concerned about is the Vikings.

This week they travel down to south Carolina to play the Panthers. The Vikings are 11 and 2 while the Panthers are 8 and 5. While the Vikings have already gained their way into the playoffs they look to clinch a division title. If they win they will win the Division and this will be the first time ever that they will have won the division two straight years in a row. For the Panthers their hope for a playoff spot is minimum but possible. This game is a must win as for the rest of their games, so in other words they need to win out to make it to the playoffs. You can guarantee that both teams will be playing hard because they both have something to lose and something to gain. While one team does have to win and lose, I hope that the loser is no the Vikings because I like them better as a team and I think that they have a better chance at winning the Super Bowl than the Panthers. If you go to the link named Sidney Rices Video you will get a feeling of why I also want the Vikings to win. I know that lots of NFL players have stories similar to this, but the fact that Sidney Rice has already noticed the need to give back to the community at such a young age is great. I also know that a lot of kids look up to NFL players and they are not necessarily the best role models, but if more did what Rice is doing, they would be good role models because they are showing that community is important and that you need to help the less fortunate.

Back to more about the game this is a battle between two very successful running backs. First Adrian Peterson, like always, for the Vikings and DeAngelo Williams for the Panthers. Both have rushed for more than one thousand yards for the season, and both are one of the primary leaders of their teams. Peterson should by statics have a better day running against the 26th ranked defense of the Panthers; while Williams has to rush against a Vikings running defense which is ranked 4th. It will be the two Williams on the Vikings defensive line versus Williams, the running back. In the end I believe the Vikings will be able to stop the Panther primarily running offense, and that their offense will be able to score some points with some explosion players. By the way congratulation to Adrian Peterson for setting a Vikings record of 14 touchdowns in a season, and likely to only getting bigger. Lastly I wish the best for the recovery for Percy Harvin who has been suffering from severe migraines for the past two weeks. Go Vikings!

I have not been getting in my game score predictions so I will try again. here it is:

Vikings: 38 Panthers: 13

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Weather

Now many people have heard and around the United States of America were commonly affected by the same thing. This one thing would be weather. Now were I live that weather happened to be snow. Not just a little bit, but more like three snow days worth of snow. It turned out to actually be a blizzard because of the high winds afterwards. I just wanted to focus in on how something like weather can affect so many people.

Like in one of my previous blogs I talked about the importance of just one tiny little second of time. Now we had just another good example happen just last week. the storm reached from Colorado all the way to the East Coast at some point. This isn't very standard, thankfully, but it does happen. It is just one of those things that you know is coming or is going to happen but you are still surprise at its great effect it has. It is like a scary movie and you always jump even though you know that the guy is going to be standing in the mirror. This snow storm was predicted yet it surprised many people and even made world news. I guess the moral is a moral that has been in existence a while, but here it is: Expect the Unexpected or Anthing can Happen.

Vikings Come Back Strong

After a very disappointing performance against the Arizonia Cardinals this weeks game against the Cincinnati Bengals was much better. However before I get into to much about the Vikings vs. Bengals game there was something I wanted to still mention about last weeks game. It is anout E.J. Henderson. If you have not seen what happened during the game I included a video, so here it is so you know where I am coming from when I talk about this.

This is really a hurting moment for both E. J. and the Vikings team as a whole. He was one of the team captians for the Vikings and a leader. Last year he battled against an ingury to be able to come back. He is a pretty good linebacker and is an important key in stopping the run game. His younger brother actually plays for the Vikings too. It was just a scary and sad time. This ingury may end his football job depending on how bad it really was and how good it heals up. The Vikings will sure miss him on and off the field while they continue their hunt for a Super Bowl win.

Today the Vikings beat the Bengals. This game was never really in doubt that the Vikings would win. They lead the entire game. One thing that I really liked about this game was that Peterson was finally out and about again. He seemed to be a little bit more like himself this game and held onto the ball. He didn't quite have 100 yards, but he got two touchdowns. That brought his total on the season for rushing touchdowns to 14. This is a Vikings franchise record, and it will only get harder to beat with a few game remaining in the season. Also the Vikings were able to put up some points on a Bengals defense which have been playing pretty well and is one of the best defenses in the league. In todays game the Vikings did not even have Percy Harvin playing because of illness. Their defense played storng too. They allowed Carson Palmer to pass for only 94 yards. Also they held Cedric Benson under 100 yards rushing. It was nice to have Winfield back playing cornerback because he played well causing a fumble and making great tackles.

Next week the Vikings go to North Carolina and pay the Panthers a little visit. This game should not be too diffidult for the Vikings and they should be able to win it. The Vikings are 11 and 2 and have already clitched a playoff berth. Now if they win against the Panthers they will also clitch the division. Purple Power!

Heisman Trophy

Well this weekend the Heisman Trophy was given out. If you do not know what the Heisman is I will tell you. The Heisman trophy is given out to one collegian football player each year, this was the 75th anniversary, who demonstrates the being the most dominate player and influential leader in all college football.So I guess it is kind of like the MVP award like in other sports. It was held in New York City and is televised on ESPN.

This year the top five finalists were Mark Ingram, Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Toby Gerhart, and last and certainly not least Ndamukong Suh. The winner as you may know was Mark Ingram from Alabama. This was the first time in Alabama school history that the recipient of the Heisman went a Alabama player. It was nice to see Ingram win it for Alabama because it was their first, but in my opinion he was not necessarily the best recipient. While I probably have a slight bias opinion because I am a Nebraska fan and Suh was the Nebraska representative I still think that another person other than Suh should have won the award. This would have to be Toby Gerhart. While he went to Stanford and their team finished 8 and 4 I still think he was one of the best candidates. In his last few games he rushed for more than 200 yards in a single game for a couple of games. Gerhart actually got second in the running and lost the closest race for Heisman in history. I am sorry that I do not know where I originally heard this or who first said it, but I heard and I would agree that if Gerhart had been from a bigger school in the PAC 10 like USC he probably would have won it.

While I think that Gerhart may have gotten the rotten apple, I think that Suh could have won the Heisman too. A just defensive player has never won the Heisman before and I think Suh had the best chance out of anybody before. The fact that he still didn't win it and finished fourth in the standings just goes to show how much of an offensive award this really is. Even going farther the Heisman is an award more for quarterbacks and running backs. At least since 2000 all the winners have been quarterbacks or running backs. Actually in 2001 Eric Crouch, a former Nebraska quarterback, was the winner of the Heisman. Even against the odds Suh made it to the top five and finished fourth. Even the recipient of the best defensive player and numerous other awards this year can not win the Heisman. In his last game he showed his leadership for a defense and was one second away to pulling an upset in the Big 12 Championship against Texas. I think part of the reason why McCoy did not win the Heisman was because of Suh. McCoy finished third in the standings, but actually lost to Suh with the number of votes in the Big 12 area and this probably caused him the trophy. The following is a video I found on youtube and just kind of shows what I was trying to say above.
Here is another video of just the Texas game and the highlights of Suh in this game.
In this video I would think that anyone could see the power and influence one player had on this game. It is also very obvious that the Nebraska fans are very aware of the game and will really miss him when he leaves to become one of the highest draft picks in the NFL draft. Oh and by the way when ever you heard the crowd make a noise that sounded like a boo it was not it was a SSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still Playing Strong

While I have been away from blogging about the Vikings not much has changed in their ways of playing, they are continuing to win. They are now 10 and 1. They just played the Bears last weekend and smoked them. They are now headed down to the desert to play the Arizona Cardinals.

They are playing Sunday night, tonight, at Arizona. There is quite a bit of chatter about this game because it is the top two conference leaders playing it out. Also you have the Farve vs Warner match up, which it sounds like Warner will be playing in the game. He was questionable because of a concussion which he sustained two games ago. This game is two future hall of famers battling it out. Both teams have an explosive offense. On Arizona's side they have one of the best wide recievers in the league. They also have other good targets to throw to like Boldin. Arizona's defense is also now starting to come together and they are getting pressure on the quarterbacks. On the Vikings side of offense they have widened their targets. Some main ones are Rice, Harvin, and Shiancoe. Then they always have Peterson and Chester as a two headed monster in the back field. Their defense is pretty sound too, with Allen getting plenty of sacks and putting pressure on the quarterbacks. The few weakness I see for the Vikings in this game are that Peterson has been fumbling the football again. These turn overs could be a deciding factor of the winner in this game. Also the Vikings secondary needs to play well tonight because Fitzgerald will be a big play maker for the Arizona offense. The Vikings are playing in Arizona so no home field advantage. Finally they just need to focus one game at a time and not look too far forward in the future, not look over any teams.

This game should be a pretty good one though. Each team is pretty good and this win could give the Vikings the division or at least a playoff birth. Yet again I want Peterson to be the atr in this game. I like having the Vikings win with Farve's arm, but seeing Peterson go for a big game will boost his confidence. Just right now it feels like Peterson isn't quite as convident and is now fumbling the football again. I believe that the Vikings should be able to win this game because of the way they have been playing recently. Purple Power!

My game prediction: Vikings 31 Cardnals 17

One Second Away

Have you ever came this close to winning something. For example you were in a drawing and your ticket number is 3625 and they call 3624, and you think to yourself that man if only you could have been in front of the guy who won. Well that is kind of what happened this weekend in the Big 12 Championship game. Number 3 Texas vs number 22 Nebraska; where Texas was a two touchdown favorite. At least when you are in a drawing your odds are the same as everyone else in the drawing.

This weekend of football was huge. With Florida losing to Alabama, and Cincinnati fighting back to defeat Pittsburgh. Then there was the Big 12 Championship. Apparently this game wasn't even suppose to be that good of a game, and in a way it really wasn't. The final was 13 to 12. Clearly Texas, the fourteen point favorite, had no problem bringing down the underdog Cornhuskers. Now I personally am a Huskers fan and take a lot of crap about how bad and stupid Nebraska is, but after this game I think this really show how much heart and determination the team has. The video I posted with this blog are the highlights if the game.I think the Neraska team showed lots of the respect for football, and their disappointment of a tough loss.As far as the refereeing in the game I will say something since the Nebraska team has enough respect to not. First of all I tough it was pretty crappy. As far as spotting the ball they screwed up twice. As far as calling pass interference even the television announcers did not agree with half the calls. My point is who is to say that the game clock stopped just right ever time a play ended or a time-out was called. The entire game honestly came down to one second. Colt McCoy practically lost the game for Texas because he didn't manage the clock and looked pretty lazy. He lost three yards on the last two plays before the field goal. Then at the end he lied straight through his teeth in front of the United States of America saying that he knew that there would be one second or two left when he threw that ball. I find that kind of funny because over the stadium thought that he just lost the game, but he knew. In my mind he should not win the Heisman Trophy.

Anyways Nebraska gave it their all and lost by the smallest margin, one point. Their defense was outstanding throughout the game. They had nine sacks on McCoy, and got three interceptions. Now they will still go to a Bowl game, and we will actually find out tonight. I acknowledge Suh and the defense and Henery for making 4 of 4 field goals. Henery is clutch. Finally for those who say that Nebraska fans aren't good travellers. Take a look and just listen and you will hear the crowd shout Suh and GO BIG RED!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Power of One and Time

As lots of people know there are many things in our lives that can change our world. For example, the death of a family member, a tragic accident, or winning an award. My question what if just ONE thing can change your life. One death, accident, or award.

Lets take a closer look at the number one. It is a three letter number. It is somebodies favorite number. It is often referred to being the best at something. It is almost always the number that you start with when you begin to count. It is pronounced the same as won, but has a different meaning. (I believe these are called homophones). As you should be able to see one in these cases one doesn't have too much meaning and can't really change much.

Now lets put the letter one in front of a few words and see if it then can make a change. One chance. One accident. One person. One hour, minute, or second. Just by putting a one in front of these words it can put emphasis, exaggeration, or stress on the sentence. Just like in real life just being able to have this one chance, and not being allowed to have second chances. Like in an accident where there is one death. You can not go back and change those one things. Then there are the times where you have one minute to complete a task as fast as you can. For example when you were a little kid trying to learn your multiplication tables and you had one minute to complete one hundred problems. If you were able to do it then you might have been given an award for doing excellent on your test.

The power of one can change your life in the matter of just one second. You are alive one second and dead the next. You are just an ordinary athlete on your team, but then a hero because you caught the winning touchdown. Anthing can happen. All it takes is one time for it to be done.