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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Car in the Kitchen

So while the football season it winding down, I have decided to try and pick my story line of Ditto, use to be a little kitten, now a cat with a kitten spirit. So one thing that I think really shows his playfulness is this new "toy" he has. He tends to find things that he likes and make them him either by always going after them, or hiding them. i am still missing a magnet that goes on my white board. Anyways his newest toy that he found was one of me brothers Hot Wheels car. He found it and took it into the kitchen one day. Our kitchen has a tilely floor, so things roll easily on it. Well Ditto is extremely smart and figured this out. He found out that if he pushed the car, just on the kitchen floor, that it would roll across the room and then he could ran to it and pounce on it. So now every now and then you will hear this rolling of a car across the floor, and we no longer want it is. There is now a car in our kitchen, and it stays just in the kitchen because Ditto knows that that it is the only place where it will actually work.

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