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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Post Pro Bowl

Almost a week ago was the Pro Bowl. As I had previously stated it was not really worth watching because of the lack of effort by most of the players. The AFC won 41 to 34, beating the NFC. Personally I wanted the NFC to win because I like the NFC conference better, but they lost. As it turned out the record of the Pro Bowl, as of now, the AFC and NFC have both won the same number of times. Each with 20 wins. As most MVP or high honors awards go, an offensive player won it. Surprise, surprise and it was a quarterback. Matt Schuab of the Texans had two touchdowns in the game and won the MVP award. If the high score doesn't tell you enough it was pretty much an offensive game. Part due to the fact like I have previously stated that players do not want to get injured, and therefore they do not hit as hard. There was not much defense on either side of the ball unless there was an interception. This Pro Bowl also set the record for the amount of passing yards. Both teams combined only ran the ball approximately 10 times the entire game. My last general thing to say about the game is that the attendance was the highest it has ever been, at least. This is mostly due to the fact that the Pro Bowl was not in Hawaii, but rather in Miami. While the players would rather have it in Hawaii too, more people did watch. The next two years though it will be played at Hawaii. Also better or worse the Pro Bowl was probably better to have before the Super Bowl, and that could also be part of the reason why a record attendance watched.

I just have a few more key things to talk about in this Pro Bowl. First would be why the heck would you put Tony Romo in as the last quarterback for the NFC. In my opinion he is not even that great of a quarterback. Sure he has some god moments, but he also has some really ones too. He basically lost it for the NFC. He got sacked more times than any other quarterback int he entire game. He also threw an interception on the final drive. The only player he ever really tried passing the football to was Miles Austin. The only reason for being the final QB in the game was probably the coaching of Wade Phillips, the Cowboys head coach. Why would you make your team worse by putting in the lowest voted quarterback in last to try and win the game for you. It just doesn't make much sense. Oh well the game doesn't matter that much, and it is over with, I just think that the decisions made by some o the coaching staff on the NFC wasn't very good. It just looked like the AFC wanted the to win the game more than the NFC, so congratulations.

Here is just a short video of some of the highlights of the Pro Bowl.

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