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Sunday, November 1, 2009

About Time

Finally this Saturday the Huskers got a win versus Baylor, in Waco, Texas. The past two weekends they played at home and lost both, which were both pretty embarrassing, especially the loss to Iowa State last week.

Yesterday, by the way hope you had a great Halloween, they switched their starting quarterback from Zack Lee to Cody Green. I don't know if this switch really helped or not, but at least they did win. The reason why I question if it really helped was because they still only won 20 to 10, and seven of those twenty points came from a special teams blocked punt returned for a touchdown. So what I guess am I trying to get across is that their offense still was not that great, but was able to get enough points to win. I also know that they must have gotten shut out in the entire second half of the game, because they got all twenty of their points in the first half. Green, a freshman, didn't even have that great of a game. He threw for one interception and had one fumble.

Even after all of this though the Blackshirts were able to pretty much hold the Bears to a single field goal. Even though the scoreboard said that they got ten points, the touchdown out of that came from the returned interception from Green in the third quarter.So the Balckshirts were pretty much lights out on defense. The player of the game would have to Jared Crick who led the Blackshirt defense with five sacks and thirteen tackles, many of these for a loss of yards.

Winning this game was a good win for the Huskers, especially since it was an away game. Winning this game put their record at 5 and 3. Two of their three losses were only by a difference of two points. They have only lost by more than a touchdown once this year. That means that they have a pretty good team they just haven't found much of a groove so some reason. Their offense is currently the thing that is losing them games for the most part, because their defense has been pretty solid. Anyways if they continue to win they will have a pretty good chance at a bowl game. Go Big Red!

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