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Friday, October 30, 2009

Farve Returns Home

This weeks match up is again a very crucial game for the Vikings. I know that I seem like a broken record saying this, since I have said the past two games, but this game is the Vikings last game before their bye week. Also it is important because if they lose they will pretty much be tied for first in their division with the Green Bay Packer, and I would rather see the Vikings sweep the Packers this season. This game is also bigger than normal game because Farve is going back home.

Farve returning is just another storyline to add hype about the game. I mean they even moved it to the later afternoon game, because there really wasn't any other good games on at that time, so this game will get more view than it would have if it would have remained at the noon game. This game should be publized though. I mean it is kind of a big deal that Farve is returning to Green Bay for the first time not wearing a Packers jersey. I really want to see how the Packer fans are going to respond when Farve and the Vikings come out from the locker room. I mean I would expect boos, but I don't know maybe there are still some Farve fan laft in Green Bay cheering for the 40 year old, who won against the Packer on his birthday the last time they played.

Like I said above this game is a vital one for the Vikings, and like the last one it will be another difficult win for the Vikings. First of all it is at Green Bay, so the Packers will have the home field advantage. The Packers have just two losses and they are actually a pretty good team, so the Vikings will not be able to make mistakes, like the last game they lost because of just two turnovers. Their defense did a great job last game and needs to the same thing this weeks game, because the Packers do have a offense that could explode if not contained. I really, really, want to see Peterson get loose and just leave the entire Packer team in the dust. Maybe even lay someone out on the ground. Anyways I believe that the Vikings should be able to win this game. Go Peterson! Go Farve! Go Vikings! Go Purple!

My score prediction: Vikings 31 Packers 27

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