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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Power of One and Time

As lots of people know there are many things in our lives that can change our world. For example, the death of a family member, a tragic accident, or winning an award. My question what if just ONE thing can change your life. One death, accident, or award.

Lets take a closer look at the number one. It is a three letter number. It is somebodies favorite number. It is often referred to being the best at something. It is almost always the number that you start with when you begin to count. It is pronounced the same as won, but has a different meaning. (I believe these are called homophones). As you should be able to see one in these cases one doesn't have too much meaning and can't really change much.

Now lets put the letter one in front of a few words and see if it then can make a change. One chance. One accident. One person. One hour, minute, or second. Just by putting a one in front of these words it can put emphasis, exaggeration, or stress on the sentence. Just like in real life just being able to have this one chance, and not being allowed to have second chances. Like in an accident where there is one death. You can not go back and change those one things. Then there are the times where you have one minute to complete a task as fast as you can. For example when you were a little kid trying to learn your multiplication tables and you had one minute to complete one hundred problems. If you were able to do it then you might have been given an award for doing excellent on your test.

The power of one can change your life in the matter of just one second. You are alive one second and dead the next. You are just an ordinary athlete on your team, but then a hero because you caught the winning touchdown. Anthing can happen. All it takes is one time for it to be done.

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