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Sunday, September 27, 2009

At a loss for Words

Naturally I missed the Vikings game this weekend because it wasn't televised, and I was also traveling back into Iowa. Of course it was the biggest game so far for the Vikings this year, and their home opener. As soon as I got home and logged on to my lab top and searched for the game it wasn't to difficult to find because it was only the first thing I saw on "Brett Farve throws the game winning touchdown", What? Are you kidding me? I had to look in farther and get the video of the play, and a video of the highlights. Here are two links to see something awesome. First this is the link to just the last second play: Secondly here is one to the highlights of the game: As you should have seen the whole game was practially a highlight. The last play kind of covers up the 101 yard kick return by the speedy Percy Harvin, which was outstanding too. As for a whole for the Vikings this game was HUGE. Next weeks game on Monday night is going to be just as big versus the Green Bay Packers. At top as you probably saw there are some pics of the big plays of the game. Lets go 4-o!

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