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Friday, September 11, 2009

Hopeful Vikings Season, Plus Opener

I know that when school starts up again, there is always something right behind it. The NFL season. Although my weekend is full of homework and other random activities, I know that some how I will find time to watch the Vikings season opening game at the Cleveland Browns. I believe that this will be a fun game to watch and it will be a relatively easy game for the Vikings to start their long season, and hopeful Super Bowl win. Yes, I want to already talk about the Super Bowl because the Vikings have the best chance this year than any near prior year before this. There are quite a few reasons for the hopeful season.

First off during the off season the Vikings did a good job picking up, then not picking up, and then yet again picking up Brett Farve. This was their biggest add on because what the Vikings lacked the most last year was an experienced quarterback. Now you may say that he is too old and his arm has lost some of its strength. Now what I say to that is that, yes this is Farve's nineteenth season in the NFL, and yes he is forty years old, and he did have problems with his arm, BUT he has experience, and if you saw some of his throws in the pre-season his arm looked plenty strong to me, and if he came back you would think that he would be able to add something to the team, and then lastly he can be a mentor for Travaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels in their becoming better quarterbacks. Then during the draft they signed wide receiver Percy Harvin from Flordia and offensive tackle Phil Loadholt from Oklahoma. Percy Harvin is an excellent football player with terrific speed. Phil Loadholt is a big guy and was part of the Oklamhoma offensive that set a record for 51 averaged points a game and 547 yards per game. There is no way the offense can put numbers up like those without excellent protection of the quarterback. With these recruitments over the off season the Vikings just got that much more explosive and to be potential Super Bowl Champions. Not to jinx anything, knock on wood, the only thing that could really hold the Vikings back this year would be injuries, but of course that is not going to happen.

So back to the opening game. The Vikings couldn't of really asked for a better match up in their favor even if they asked to. If you look back at last years overall stats the Cleveland Browns allowed 151.9 rush yard per game. Now picture Adrian Peterson, the best and I repeat the best football player in the NFL, just mowing down that defense. Sounds like fun! Then if the Browns put eight defenders on Peterson, then kapow Farve completes a quick slant reception to either wide out Percy Harvin or Bernard Berrian, or tight end Visanthe Shiancoe who are wide open and get a huge gain of yards. Then comes the Vikings defense. With three Pro Bowlers: Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, and Jared Allen, on the defensive front line they will cause enough problems to the Browns offense. Then add on safety Antoine Winfield in the secondary and some under rated linebackers in the middle; the Vikings had one of the best run defenses in the league, allowing only 76.9 yards a game. Their special teams should be just fine too.

One thing that makes this game a little more interesting is that Brett Farve played for the New York Jets last year and the former New York Jets coach, Eric Mangini, now is the coach for the Browns. Now in the season opener they are going head to head.

I feel that the Vikings should win relatively easy against the Browns this sunday. I plan to look for Adrian Peterson with big runs, and Brett Farve being able to pick apart the Browns secondary with their attention on Peterson. The Vikings defense should do fine even though the Browns are keeping their starting quarterback on the down low. My prediction for the game: The Browns are going down. Go Vikes!

My prediction of the score: Vikings: 27 Browns: 10

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