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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Running Back Face Off

Lasts weeks game against the Lions resulted in a win, as expected. My prediction of the game score was very close for this game too. My prediction was Vikings 31 to Lions 13; the actually ending scores were, Vikings 27 to Lions 13. Just some quick key plays. Chad Greenway had a great game with two interceptions. Brett Farve had a pretty good day too completing 23 of 27 passes. Adrian Peterson had a little less average day than usual for him, but still managed 92 yards and a touchdown run going around the outside edge. One thing out of this game that I saw that sort of worries me a little is that the Vikings defense allowed the Lions running back more than a hundred yards. They hadn't allowed a hundred yard rushing since 2007 versus the Green Bay Packers. I know that part of it was that the Lions ran way more run plays, than pass plays, so they will get rushing yards, but the run defense wasn't quite as lights out.

Another reason for being slightly worried about the run defense is that the Vikings play the California 49ers, and they have one of the best running backs, of course not better than Adrian Peterson though. Frank Gore, the running back of the 49ers, had an amazing game last week with 207 rushing yards against the Seattle Seahawks. If the Viking defense doesn't step up some the same thing could happen to them.

Now you can see why the title of this blog is what it is. Adrian Peterson vs. Frank Gore. Of course I think that AD, Adrian Petersons nickname that is short for All Day, will be able to have the better game, but a lot depends on the offensive and the defensive lines of both teams that will help decide the victor of this game. I hope to see another big day out of Percy Harvin, because he has had a touchdown catch in both the first two games. I also hope to see Farve getting comfortable throwing some bigger plays, but then still understanding that he has one of the best running backs to hand off too.

This weeks game will be the most difficult team for the Vikings so far in their season, even if it is their first home game. I still predict that the Vikings will win the game, and the game won't be too close, but still not a blow out. Now for my prediction of the score. Purple Power!

Vikings win: Vikings: 31 49ers: 17

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