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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Look into the Vikings Next Game

Just like last weeks game against the Browns, this weeks game should be a pretty easy win. They get the honor of playing the division rival, the Detroit Lions. Last year, as many of you may know, the Lions yet winless, 0 and 16. I don't think that the Vikings will give them their first win this year, that is if the Lions get a win this year, but I think they may win at least one game this year.

Just a short recap of last weeks game against the Cleveland Browns may get you pumped for this weeks game. The Vikings didn't try anything superb but they got the win. They started out a little slow in the first half of the game. They were actually losing 10 to 13 at the half. Partly because they allowed a punt return in the closing minutes of the half, and they tried a short kick on the opening kick of the game to see if the Browns special teams were paying attention, in which they were, so they started with really good field position on their opening drive of the game. The Vikings overall defense really only allowed the Browns ten points. The second half of the game was quite a bit better. The Vikings scored three touchdowns and a field goal in the last half of the game, and only allowed a last minute touchdown by the Browns that didn't really matter, because they were going to win anyway. The final score was 34 to 20, Vikings win.

One play though that I do want to cover is the 64 yard run by my favorite, Adrian Peterson. I included a link so you could see this superhuman run this ball down for a touchdown against the Browns. So here is the link to the amazing video and slight discussion of how it all went down: After watching the video I couldn't believe it and I just had to laugh at what was said on the sidelines. He made five guys miss him, and then was able to dart into a dead sprint to just plainly out run the last few guys to make it into the end zone. My favorite part was right about the end of the video clip at about minute four when you can see that the last guy that missed him; Adrian just shoved him down by the top of his helmet. He made the guy look so weak, because the guy just fell flat on his butt. I am sure that Adrian will have more good runs this year so keep an eye out for more video clips of his outstanding runs. Although it was Adrian that actually ran the ball, I also have to give credit to the blockers up front at the line and then Rice, the wide receiver, for making key blocks in the open field. Without these people Adrian wouldn't be able to do what he is so good at.

Back to this up coming game. There isn't much to talk about. The Vikings should win and Adrian Peterson should have another pretty good game. Differently though I hope to see a little more on Farve's part of throwing the ball, and hopefully one big pass play. I also hope to see a few more sacks by the front four, and that they get a bit more pressure on the quarterback. This will hopefully be a fun game to watch the Vikings topple over the Lions. My prediction of this weeks game: Vikings: 31 Lions: 13

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