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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Rescue

Over the summer my family and I went on a vacation to Minnesota to visit some relatives. We were driving to an uncle's to stay the night, my dad and I in the car and my mom and brother in the van. I was driving ahead of my mom, so when I looked out the rearveiw mirror and didn't see her I knew she had turned off to go to the garage sale which was off down another street. I continued onto my uncles because I knew that they would go there anyway. After a while hanging around my uncle's I got a call from my mom asking if it was alright if we got a kitten.

OK side note. We already have two cats named Dixie and Wonder. We got Dixie because we were coming home from a state park in Kentucky when we saw a free kittens sign, and stopped to have a look. Naturally we got one. We got Wonder at the pet store we use to go to in Ohio, but she was part of a rescue litter from someone who gave them to the per store. In the past we use to have a cat named Tasha that my dad picked up from work in Illinois. Now we were going to get a kitten from a garage that was also free!?

My mom explained that the person holding the garage sale told her that earlier a coulpe of boys were hanging the kitten by its neck with a jump rope. We didn't really need another cat but, this one needed to be rescued too. So we got it. One of the blogs that I post weekly will catch me up to present day, and then will continue on until the kitten, I don't want to use a name because that comes later, becomes an adult cat.

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