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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You Name It

By now the kitten has lived through quite a bit: a near death hanging by a jump rope starving, starving over night in a cabin, and a long ride home starving. I still can't believe how much food the kitten was able to eat. Now that we were home we needed a place for her to sleep, and needed a name. We found a cat bed and picked up some kitten food on the way home, and put her in the laundry room. That was the easy part. The name, what should we name her?

Like I said earlier we have two other cats named Dixie and Wonder. Dixie got her name becuase we got her in Kentucky, hence the south. Wonder got her name simply because like now we wondered what her name should be, so Wonder it was. Now my family also has one dog, Mayday. He got his name because one time my family and I went fishing at a lake and caught a dog. Not literally, but we weren't catching much fish on one spot of the lake, so my Dad and I went to look for another good fishing spot. We came across an open area of lake, and noticed this little dog bark at us. We went over there to fish, and the dog warmed up to us. The dog didn't have a tag and we had been talking about getting a smaller dog before, so we brought him home with us. I am pretty sure that we didn't catch any fish that day, nut we got a dog! He got his name because we went fishing and picked him up on May Day, May 1st just in case you didn't know.

Now we were in the same position again, to come up with a name. We had to take her to the vet the next day and still didn't have a name to her. It turned out to be ok that we didn't have a name though, because much to our surprise her was now a him. It wasn't like it really mattered because we still didn't have a name for a guy cat either. Then the next day my mom and I were watching some show and it went to commercials. Now I don't usually pay attention to commercials, but for some reason this one was a little more interesting. I do not recall what the commercial was, or was for, but I do remember that it had the word ditto in it, and this kind of stuck out.

Now if you know what ditto means it will make sense to why this name works, but if you don't then you may be slightly lost. So here are two of my definitions of ditto. First of all, if you were cool in about second grade you had huge decks of pokemon cards. One of those pokemon is called Ditto. If you can just bear with me here and think back to what his moves were that would be great. Good, now the only move that he could do was transform, and this made him take on the being of the enemy pokemon. Now if you weren't cool in second grade then this definition of ditto probably doesn't help that much. So, a more true and realistic definition would be ditto means the same or copy of something, like want Ditto does. To link why it was sensable to name our kitten Ditto was because Wonder is a tabby and the kitten is a tabby and looks fairly alike to Wonder. Also if you might be wondering what Dixie is, which you probably aren't but I going to tell you any ways, she is just a completely lightish gray cat. Yeah I think I made up lightish but oh well. So now the kitten has: been near death hanging by a jump rope starving, starving over night in a cabin, lived through a long drive home starving, and now to put the cherry on top, thought by everyone for the first few days that he was a girl while starving. Now we have a name for our kitten, Ditto. The picture at the top is a picture of him a few days after we got him.

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