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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alright Lets Talk

Breathe in. Breathe out. It has now almost been a week since the...breathe in, and out....Vikings loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship game. I had to blog about this post game, but I also had to wait to cool down, so I might have less curse words or such. It is still kind of difficult to know that now the Vikings season is over and now Farve is "highly likely not to return next year", but more on that case later.

The Vikings played, lets see how should I put this, like they wanted to win the game, but felt sorry for the Saints so they let them win the close game which should have been a near 14 point loss. I will just say this now that this blog will be full of all the would of, could of ,and have of's of the game. This entire game for the Vikings was missed opportunities, poor calls, and haunting pasts. The Vikings had turnovers in the game. When that happens the team should pretty much blow up the other team, right? Wrong in this game the Vikings had 6 turnovers and they forced the game into overtime, by tying the game up at 28 to 28. That stat right there was the most influential of the result of the game. The Vikings coughed up the ball three times while in the red zone. Had they not been able to convert on a third down they were close enough to kick a field. By the way the Vikings have a very reliable kicker, so he would have made at least one of the three possible field goals. Lets just say that the game played out the way it did all the way to the last minute of the game. The Vikings have the ball with about a minute left and they are about on the Saints 30 to 35 yard line. Close enough to kick a pretty long field goal, but yet still a chance. They choose to run the ball two times on first and second down. Nothing. Then they get caught with 12 players in the huddle. Right here I am like what the hell are they thinking right now. You should be more focused than ever at this point in the game. I didn't even know this was a penalty because I have never seem a team get it. It is a five yard penalty. So I am thinking fine get the five yards back and maybe a couple more if possible, just hang onto the ball. So the play starts. Then it ends in disaster. Watch the video again. So you decide what Farve could have done with the ball. He could have thrown it to any one else except to Rice. Someone was open to his left for a pick up of 8 to 10 yards. That was all they needed too. So the game came down to pretty much one bad, terrible, season ending play.

There was much more than the turnovers though. There were also the bad, terrible, season ending calls against the Vikings right near the end of the game and throughout parts of the game. The Saints said that they wanted to hit Farve, and they did. often times though it was after the fact that he didn't have the ball and he would get hit or pushed down. This ultimately led to him getting injured. I have a slight problem being that the Saints want to hurt Farve. Another terrible call which could have changed the game was the passing interference call on Ben Leber. The Saints receiver first of all tripped under his own legs. Second of all the ball wasn't even close enough for him to catch. Finally one last terrible call even after a challenge was when the guy supposedly caught the football. The Vikings challenged it because the receiver didn't have complete control of the ball until it hit the ground and he rolled over top of it. I mean he tried to catch the ball against his leg! Of course though it was ruled a catch, and then they show video of the receiver who was laughing about it on the sidelines becuase you could just tell it in his eyes that he didn't actually catch it.

Finally this game was of just bad history. The last pass that Farve threw as a Packer was an interception in overtime in the playoffs against the Giants, by the way the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl I believe. also the Vikings have always played bad in the playoffs. They have been to the Super Bowl 4 times and lost each time. This year was probably their year at going all the way. Now Farve will most likely retire, like Kurt Warner did just yesterday. Also Big man Pat Williams was thinking about retiring after this year. He was one of the guys to stop the run. But Farve. Oh Farve. If he reties what do the Vikings do next year? Looking Forward to NEXT YEAR? I just do not know? So many questions. So many disappointments.

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