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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Bowl

Well college football is coming to an end if it have not already (that is if I finish this post in time before the National Title Game). I watched or at least paid attention to the final score to most of the bowl games this year. This is kind of different because I am more of a NFL fan, but for some reason I was more involved in them. The easy reason would have to be that i probably just care more because Iowa went to a BCS Bowl, the Orange Bowl. While it is all good that they won, and do not get me wrong I am happy for them and wanted them to beat Georgia Tech, but there was one other bowl game that was more appealing to me. While it was not near as good of a game as the Northwestern vs. Auburn game or the Fresno State vs. Wyoming game. The bowl game that I am talking about, as you might of gotten from the title of this blog post is the Holiday Bowl.

While this bowl probably did not take in a lot of money or publicity I still enjoyed it. There were probably only two states that even really cared about the game too. Those would be Nebraska and Arizona. Again as you should have figured out the bowl hosted Nebraska and Arizona. As I said before this game was really not that good, and I am saying not good as in it was not very close. Lets just say that this game was about as close as the Florida vs. Cincinnati game where Florida owned Cincinnati 51 to 24. Lets just say that the game, or lack there of, could have been over within the first two minutes. This is due to the fact that the Nebraska offense actually scored 33 points. Yeah I know Nebraska scoring more than 30 points in a single game. Scary. If you do not know what I am talking about here is a website where you can see that besides a couple of their first games they were lucky to score 30 points a game. Also, and probably the main reason why Nebraska won the game so easily was because of their stellar defense. If you care to look back at the website you can see that only in one game did they allow the opponent to score more than 30 points. If you average the points that their defense allowed per game it comes up to a hair more than 10 whole points per game. Lucky for Nebraska with that kind of defense the offense does not really need to do much scoring. Besides one game versus Texas Tech, Nebraskas biggest loss was by two points. They had two games where they lost by one point. One of those games was the Big 12 National Championship Game versus Texas who is now playing for the National Title.

When to kind of get back on track to the actual bowl game, the huskers played in the Holiday Bowl against Arizona and crushed them. The final score being 33 to 0. The Huskers ended their season pretty well. The player that I will be missing the most along with practically any Husker fan would have to be Suh. Suh had a decent game, and it was his last. It ended pretty good for him though with the entire defense as a whole putting up a big old goose egg for Arizona. Now I am sure I will do a follow up and mention Suh in the future since he only won like five or more major awards and is foreseen to go in the top few in the NFL draft if not first. One last thing that I got a laugh out of this game was that the Huskers were actually the under dog in this game. Here is a video of the some of the highlights of the game. As you could see there wasn't much to it in winning the game. This was the first time in Holiday Bowl history that one team was shut out. Any how I enjoyed this bowl game and thought it was a great way for the Huskers to finish their 10 and 4 season. Go Big RED!

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