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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yipee! Win!

Yeah the Vikings just won! The Vikings beat the Cowboys! Yipee! This was a really good game for the Vikings, with the final score being 34 to 3. Brett Farve threw for four touchdowns, and Rice was the receiver on three of the four. I guess you could say that Rice got a hat trick of touchdowns. While their offense played pretty well game throughout it was the defense that I think earns the credit of today's game. In this blog it will mostly be about the defense and then I will address other things in a later blog post.

The Purple Eaters or whatever you call them the Vikings defensive line played so well today. They pressured Romo like a bottle of shook up soda ready to be opened. All day the had an eye on him and the ball. Romo was sacked six times, the most times in his career. During one series two passes where deflected in a row. Leber had an interception and the Vikings recovered two fumbles. The defense just seemed to play harder and with more determination than the cowboys offense. The Vikings only allowed one play that was more than 20 yards, and it was towards the end of the game and went for 22 yards. In summary of this point the vikings never let a big play slip by them. This kind of defense is always important to have in the playoffs. One that is on their heels and is able to put pressure on the quarterback when needed the most. One thing I will say that was not good about this game was whatever happened to Ray Edwards. He was having a stellar game with 3 sacks and just making key plays, but then something happened to his knee. He tried to come back into the game, but apparently it was still bothering him some. I really hope that he will recover and be ready for the Saints game which is next Sunday. I hope this good defense will continue because I believe that it will for sure be needed against the Saints really good defense. Congratulations to the Vikings on their win, but now it is time to look forward to the NFC Championship game. Here is a link to watch a video that has the game highlights in it. Enjoy!

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