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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The End

This last Thursday was the National Championship Game for college football. I was not that interested in it because there wasn't a team that I really liked, but I did want Texas to beat Alabama because they, Texas, are from the Big 12. If you go back to the Big 12 Championship Game as much as it may hurt the Husker were one second away from beating Texas. The score of that game was 13 to 12. The point that I am trying to make is that Nebraska defense is as good as Alabamas. Alabama allowed more points and more touchdowns in the game. Also Nebraska had to deal with Colt McCoy in the entire game and not just five minutes. While other may say that even if McCoy was in the entire that Texas would have still loss I believe that they are wrong. Alabama nearly lost to a freshman quarterback who hasn't played in an actual game for a long time. Are people trying to say that when Texas had the ball with three minutes left and down by three that Texas would not have been able to go down and at least tie the game. In the second half the Texas defense showed up and was really able to slow down the Alabama offense. It was really in the first half that Texas let Alabama get the better of them. Who wouldn't though. Your Heisman candidate quarterback was just injured and not expected to come back into the game. Had it not been so Suh winning the Big 12 area for points McCoy probably would have won the Heisman in my mind. So to the people who who thought that McCoy couldn't have a difference in the game I have got to say that you are wrong. Had it not been a dumb injury for Texas and a lucky one for Alabama, Texas would have been the National Champions. Here is a video of the game and how it all went down.

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