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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Other Playoffs

Yesterday there were two playoff games. First there was the Cardinals vs Saints game. This game looked like it could be good right away just in the first play when the Cardinals running back ran for a 70 yard touchdown. This was about it for the Cardinals offense though. They final store ended up being a blow out of 45 to 14. As you can see the Cardinals had just about zero defense, and did not get the reliance that they usually get from their offense. This is to not take away the playing of the Saints though. They played a great game on both sides of the ball. If you can stop the Cardinals offense and hold them to just 14 points, your defense is really playing hard. Also the Saints were able to score like crazy on a tired Arizona defense that was on the field for the majority of the game. So congratulations to the Saints who will be playing the winner of the Vikings vs. Cowboys.

The other game yesterday was the Indianapolis Colts vs. the Baltimore Ravens. This game was not all that bad, but the Ravens were pretty much shut down by the Colts defense. The Ravens defense played pretty well, but they just did not get any help from their offense. The final score of this game was 20 to 3. So I guess you could say that the two Saturday games were very much similar. The Colts and the Saints were the number one seed of both the divisions, and they both won their game. They offenses both played pretty well and their defenses were very solid. This is what you need to see in a playoff game, a team that has a respectable offense and a great defense. People are always saying that defense is what wins championships, and this does have some truth. So you will be seeing the Colts play the winner of the San Diego Chargers and the New York Jets game. Good luck to these teams in the future, that is unless they play the Vikings.

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