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Monday, January 18, 2010

Postgame Extra

This is the blog post with a follow up on the Vikings vs. Cowboys game part 2. This one is more just focused on the key plays, how it all went down, and just some random things I would like to say that I picked up on while the game progressed. I still am overjoyed that the Vikings won, and now they are one step closer to the ultimate goal of any football team at the beginning of their season. Just in case you happened to miss the game here is a video of the highlights, and how the Vikings totally dismantled the Cowboys.

As you could see the game was pretty much dominated by the front four of the Vikings D line and the offense of Farve and Rice. First to start off with the D line. They played great when they had to. They let the Cowboys drive down into their territory, but then came up with a stop. This is evident just with the score. By just allowing three points, and of course the two other missed field goals. Even with those missed field goals they did not allow the Cowboys to score a touchdown. Part of this is due to the fact that they never let them get a big offensive play. This will be key in this following game. The other thing that I mentioned earlier in this paragraph is the connection between Farve and Rice. Rice got three touchdowns in this game, which is very good and not very usual for a receiver. I would also like to point out that Peterson was not that big of an influence on the game. I find this to be rather depressing because he is such a young running back, and he has done so well in the past few years, but his year he does good, but nothing eye popping or stellar. This is one thing that I will talk about later in a blog. But Farve had a great game with four touchdowns. I like Farve, but I feel like with his presence that Peterson is not doing as well, and I will just leave it at that for now.

Another thing that I noticed in this game is that the offensive line did well against a well known pass rushing defense. They allowed just three sacks I believe, which is not that bad considering that Farve is not that mobile of a quarterback and he just took the sack instead of forcing the football down field. This is part of the new Brett Farve that the world is seeing though. In the old days Farve would throw the ball well under pressure which had the risk of an interception. This year though he has the lowest interception rate and the best touchdown to interception ratio out of all the starting quarterbacks in the league. This is a key part in the Vikings success: win the turnover battle. If your quarterback is throwing interception it makes it more difficult to win games. Just use the Bears season this year. Jay Cutler threw the most interception out of any quarterback this season. note that they did not win that many games. Some of these are close games and if you don't throw interceptions some of those drives can turn into points. The Vikings did not have any turnovers in the game vs the Cowboys, but covered two fumbles and picked off Romo once. These turnovers are huge in and game for two reasons. The other team now has the ball, and now they most likely have the momentum of the game.

Kind of to wrap stuff up I think it would be appropriate to mention something a thing of two about the last few things of the game. The play where Farve passed for a touchdown to their tight end on fourth and three with less than two minutes less in the game and already winning by 20 some points was considered very debating. Was it right or ok for the Vikings to go for it on fourth down when they already knew that they were going to win. I say yes, for many reasons. First of all this was the second time that the Vikings in the last few minutes were inside the 20 and went for it on fourth down. They could have easily kicked the field goal and most likely would have made it. Had they done this both times they just would have won the game 33 to 3, instead of 34 to 3. So was it really that much of a difference on the scoreboard. I do not think so. I fthis is not enough to the fact that it is ok to score, is that if the cowboys did not want to see the score on the board then they should have tried harder to stop it. They are a professional team like all the other 31 teams in the league, and they have professional players that get paid loads of money. If they did not like they should have stopped it. Plus it just gave the Vikings more confidence and and momentum going into this weeks game. The blog above this one will be a informative about the Vikings vs. Saints match up, and what the Vikings need to do to pull off a victory in a very loud and Saint supported stadium. Go Vikes!

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