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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Playoff Picture

So I was informed that the Cowboys and the Eagles played yesterday, today. I did not even know this because my life was wrapped in a 24 hour time span of straight show choir. My group had a show choir competition and it was a few hours a away, so waking up early and getting to bed late were on yesterdays schedule, and not so much as who was playing their playoff game. Well today I found out that the Cowboys defeated the Eagles and that the Jets beat the Bengals. The Jets vs. Bengals game did not matter too much to me because right now they are in the other division as the Vikings. The Vikings are in the NFC and they are in the AFC. Now the Cowboys vs. Eagles game did matter to me. If the Cowboys beat the Eagles for the third time this year the Vikings would be playing the Cowboys, but if the Eagles won the Vikings would be playing the winner of todays game of the Cardinals vs. the Packers. As I said earlier the opponent for the Vikings was chosen yesterday; the Dallas Cowboys. Now before hand I was trying to decide to decide who I thought the Vikings should play to have the best chance of going onto the NFC Championship game.They could have played either the Cowboys, Cardinals, or the Packers. The Cowboys have been playing very well lately, and at just the right time to be playing well too. You can go to this link to see how the Cowboys shot down the Eagles 34 to 14. Now another team that has been playing very well are the Packers. Now the Vikings did beat the Packer twice this year, but I I not really sure that I would want to play them a third time again. The last team that the Vikings could have played was the Cardinals. I did not really want to play them either because that was the team that the Vikings played so far this year and lost to. Soooo I guess that playing the Cowboys is the best team for the Vikings to play. The Vikings had been playing king of spotty the past few weeks, but last week I believe they found themselves again. The dominated the Gaints and pulled their starters out towards the end of the third quarter. Now the Vikings get prepared to play next Sunday and hopefully lasso the Cowboys.

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