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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vikings vs Saints Preview

Tomorrow is the NFC Championship game. The Vikings go down to the Superdome to play the Saints. You can bet that this game is huge for both teams, but I would really like to see the Vikings come out on top.

The Superdome is going to be rocking. The Vikings are going to have to go to their silent count, which does kind of hurt their offense a little. Farve can sometimes get defense to jump with a loud count, but now the issue will be with the offense not jumping. Another issue that has evolved over the past few days is injures, for the Vikings. Ray Edwards hurt his knee in the Cowboys game and now one of the Williams has issue too. Harvin is one of the latest with his migraines. I personally use to get migraines, and I know how they feel, so I do not know if he is going to play. These injures are really bad for the Vikings because two of them are starting defensive linemen and Harvin in a dynamic returner and quick receiver. The Vikings really need to be pretty much at full strength if they want to win this game.

The Saints has shown their offense throughout the season. Their defense is also capable of stepping up when needed. They are very good at creating big plays, like turnovers. They had 26 interceptions this season. The weakest part of their defense might be their running defense. This in my opinion is key because the Vikings are going to need to run the ball. I have been saying this since the middle of the season, but Peterson needs to break out and get some big runs. This will and needs to be a key focus in the game tomorrow. Again to beat the Saints the defensive line while beat up, has to get to Drew Brees. If they do not apply pressure on him he will be able to pick apart the secondary. Defense is a must to stop the rolling Saints in the air and on the ground.

Here is a video preview of the game.

The Vikings will need to be playing well. Just to sum it up would be play your best and get the crowd noise out of the game as soon as possible. Get healthy, and play for the Super Bowl. Go Vikings! Go Purple!

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