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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ap Exams

So the AP exams rush had begun. This Monday it kicked off with the AP US Government exam. Personally my first exam this year is tomorrow. I am taking the AP US History exam. Then the one for this class I am taking the AP Language and Composition exam.

Now who even thought up just a thing. A three hour test that usually consists of a long multiple choice test and a few essays to go along. I took the AP Biology exam last year. That was my first one, and now I kind of know how they work out. they are really long, you miss class, and by the end of them you are tried and you either feel really good or not good at all. They are somewhat never racking too. You know whatever you get is over what you learned over the course of an entire year. Also whatever you get is on your permanent record and there is no going back and taking it again. One and you are done.

So why do so many people take them if them make your hand sore after writing for a two hours and you dont even find out your score until the middle of the summer. Simple they are heavily pushed in high school because they make the school look better. Even if you dont like to admit it, it is true. The school probably gets more credit then you get, literally. The reason why student take the exams if the false expectation that they will get college credit. The will dish out as many test as possible because that is what they care about, a bit about the actual scores themselves. If you dont get a 4 or a 5 you do not have a very good chance at getting credit in college. Then even if you do get a 4 or a 5 the college still gets to decide if they are going to accept this kind of credit and if so for how much.

So I actually am writing this after the AP US exam, but I started it before in case you were wondering. No I will not release, any at all, information about the exam. If you want to know you should take it for yourself. I will say that I real like I did pretty well on it, which is good because then I will hopefully get a 4 or a 5. My next battle is the AP Lang. exam. Out of the two this is the one that I need to do well on. So good luck to all of you that are spending your time in a large area with a hundred other people and burning your hand writing, hope you score well.

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