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Friday, May 14, 2010

Sharks in an Blackhawk War

Here comes one of the final steps to the main goal of the entire Sharks season. They have made it past two teams so far to make it to the Western Conference Championship. The Stanley Cup is in the distance, but still in a manageable grasp. One of their final hurtles though is, the Chicago Blackhawks.

This team is the number two ranked team in the western conference, only behind the Sharks. The Sharks were able to beat the Red Wings, which in past years have their main trouble in the playoffs. Now they have one of the most difficult teams in the entire league to get past. If they are able the make it they are for sure to have a slightly easier team. This is one strange this about the entire playoffs this year. In the western conference the number one and two are battling it out, but in the eastern conference the number seven and eight are dueling. Obviously the seven and eight are playing good hockey right now, but they would have to be considered somewhat under dogs in the actually championship game since they are just so much of a smaller seed. It is just weird how the two conferences ended up just being complete opposites.

The Sharks do have their hands full, and while I could just sit back and write this blog full of crap and false opinion, I honestly think if the Sharks are going to lose to a team it would be the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks have a really good fan support. They also had a wonderful reason season and are ready to win the Stanley Cup. Overall they are a pretty good team. In this match up the Sharks pretty much just need to show who is boss. The first game is an important one because it shows some confidence and power behind the team. The Sharks need to come out strong and never release the gas peddle. They need to gain a confidence level where they know how good they really are. So well the new challenge and end this war between the Sharks and the Blackhawks, and Hope that the Sharks come out on top.

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