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Friday, May 14, 2010


So I think I am just now using my blog post to basically talk about nothing. I believe that everyone has a right to one of these some time in their life, because at one point you will not know what to talk about about, so you will talk about nothing. I may need another though, if I am already using my quota so early in my life. The interesting things about these blogs is that you end up talking about something anyways. You may not even realize it until mid way through, but you always have to talk about something. There honestly inst a thing such as nothing. Even if you think you are talking about nothing, like right now, I am actually talking about talking about nothing. I just kind of was drawing a blank and decided that nothing was a good topic, but it morphed into something. I didnt really mean for it to do this, or even to talk about this i just kind of got going and kept it going. I am not even sure when this blog post is going to end, or if it will ever have a true ending. Maybe it could end like all those books people like until the end because while technically they have an end, they dont give any true closure to the story being told. I believe these are what we talk cliff hangers. A name that actually makes some sense in the english language, although we are not actually hanging off or a cliff. I like writing these kinds blogs because they allow my mind to wonder, and ponder and be able to write what kind of comes to my mind. Although my mind kind of feels empty inside and not full of much thought. This is kind of why I had a hard time trying a figure out a topic to blog about in the first place. When this seems to be a pretty good stopping point, and I wont leave you hanging and I will now tell you that this is the end to the blog and my blog post about random thoughts of nothing.

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