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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some mistakes are in your Favor

So the other night I went out to a movie with my family, and then went out to eat. We decided that IHOP sounded pretty good. If you dont know IHOP means, International House of Pancakes. We walked in and got our seat in the back corner. The waitress came up and asked us what we wanted to drink. We all said that water was fine, and began to look through the menu. Well I decided I was really pretty hungry and decided to get the Big Steak Omelet. I got it because if you have ever gotten an omelet at IHOP they are really big and you get three pancakes with it. So I decided to order that and waited until our food. We chatted and our food came to the table. My brother got his eggs, smokehouse sausages, and bacon, my Mom got a steak thing with eggs and bacon, and I got my omelet. I was sooo hungry I just started to eat. I was eating and noticed a mushroom fell out, and I remember thinking that was really the only part of the omelet I didnt really like when I ordered. I continued to eat the omelet and noticed it had bacon on top, and found that kind of strange but it tasted really good so I continued. Then about two minutes later and a few bites into my omelet, a big guy comes over with another omelet. He asked me if I ordered a bid steak omelet, I was king of confused but then it made sense. The waitress had accidentally grabbed the wrong omelet. So now I had two very large omelets and some pancakes. Right then it reminded me of a show on television called Man vs. Food. Good show by the way. Well the waitress comes over and says she is sorry, but it isnt a big deal to me. I just start eating. Prior to knowing this was going to happen I was actually considering ordering more pancakes just because I was so hungry but decided against it. I am glad I made the right decision. I down the first omelet in no time. I started the second. The Big Steak Omelet has the word big in it for a reason, because it was much larger than the last. I started to eat it and just needed to have something else. Time to eat the pancakes. The pancakes were absolutely delicious and gone in no time. By now I could begin to feel the food settling in. I still had half an omelet left. The waitress said she bet I could only eat one and a half, so I had to continue. By now I had people peering around the corner watching me eat this great deal amount of food. Finally bite by bite until the last bite was devoured. We paid and stood up to leave. The skinny kid stood up and was congratulated by the manager and waitress. I skipped out the door as we headed on our way back home.

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