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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mavericks get Spurred

The Mavericks just got booted out of the NBA playoffs in the first round by their division rivals, Spurs. The Spurs won the series of best of 7; 4 to 2. For some reason I am not really sure why the Mavs lost. They did lose a lot of the close games when the margin was less then 5. Also they got into some foul trouble during some games. Finally I think that the Mavs lost the series because when they were on they were on and when they were off they were off. The two games they did win they won by a reasonable amount of points. Then once they got into the close games they were not able to ever quite get ahead and win it. They managed to win a lot of the close games in the regular season, but this couldnt be accomplished during the playoffs.

One thing that I believe kind of hurts the Mavs is that they did lose to they division rival. It would suck to lose to the team you really dont like very much. It is like that kid that you really cant stand and he does better that you at something you thought you were better at. This is kind of what happened here to the Mavs. They were the number 2 seed in the Western division and they lost in the first round to the 7 seed. It is not like it is bad to lose, but when you are kind of are expected to win and you really think you have a pretty good chance at winning, it does suck to lose then. Also i heard that Dirk, the Mavs best player, is open to free agency. He said that he is keeping an open mind and not trying the decide on anything until there might be some offers. It would kind of stink if Dirk left Dallas. I really dont know if I would still be a Mavs fan. He is pretty much he reason for me getting interested in the Mavs. Now if the 7 foot German leaves who has such an awesome fade away shot leaves, my fanship may leave too. I do not know were Dirk would go, or which team would offer what kind of offer. I dont if Dallas would pay the most to keep him in Dallas. I am not exactly sure how old Dirk is, but he probablt still has at least five more good years in him. He is kind of a special kind of player. Because he is 7 feet tall he can grab rebounds and play down around the rim. Not only can he do this, like most people his size do, but he can also shoot a pretty good jump shot and even hit fromt he three point line. This type of player is pretty rare. So all in all the Mavs may have seen some of their best chances leave them as they got spurred on their way out. Here is a video of some of the best shots by Dirk from 2007 to 2009.

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