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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sharks going down to Crunch

So I am now pretty pissed. I pressed enter on the keyboard while I was just finishing this blog when it deleted the 600 word post. I have no clue why is did that, but now that makes me mad because now I have to retype everything I just typed up.

The Sharks have to play the Red Wings in a game five because they just lost really bad in game 4. The score was 7 to 1. It sounded more like a baseball game or something. Well the Sharks need to win the game 5 and not allow the Red Wings back into the series. Even though it does not happen many times that a team gets down 3-0 in the best of 7 series and come back and win, it is still possible; with the luck that the Sharks have it may very well happen to them too. The last time i remember this happening was in baseball. It was the playoffs and the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees were playing. The Yankees were ahead in the series 3-0, and the Red Sox's season looked like it was on game away from coming to an end. But the Red Sox decided to come back and send the Yankees crying home. This was also the series with Curt Schillings bloody ankle, I believe. It was fun to watch, but i do not want the same thing to happen to the Sharks. They need to win game 5 for many reasons, and here are a couple of them.

First they need to win because with their luck the Red Wings will come back and win the entire thing. They do not need to leave much of an opening for the Red Wings. The Sharks need to close it out and just move onto the next round. They need a change of luck and need to defeat their arch rival of the playoffs. They just straight up need to WIN!

Secondly the Sharks need to win because the sooner they win the longer of a break they get. The other teams series are going longer, so if they just win they will have a longer amount of time to refuel, practice, and prepare for the next team because the other team will still be playing in their previous match. This is always a slight advantage because the Sharks players will be more rested and ready to play than the other players on the opposing team that just got done winning and now have to play again in a day or two.

Well I actually waited to post this blog post until after the results of game 5, that way I could quick mention that either the Sharks did actually win, or they lost. Well....... they did win. The beat the Red Wings, long time rivals in the playoffs. The Sharks won the series 4 to 1, and game five 2 to 1. Not to bad for shutting down the Red Wings in their own house. Now Sharks will have all the advantage in the next series.

Here is a video not much related to hockey, but just to show the domination that the Sharks had over the Red Wings. In this video the shark represent obviously represent the Sharks, and the little seal represents the Red Wings. So here it is. Total Domination.Total domination. By the way this is about the spot that I hit enter and there entire blog post went into cyberspace. Really annoying, but I got it back down and this is about the end, right about now!

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