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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Twins tell Tigers whos Boss

The division in the AL Central was closing the gap between the Twins and Tigers, the Twins decided to show the Tigers the back door. The Tigers were winning and the Twins loosing, and the difference in the records was the slimmest of margins, by half a game. The next three game could decide the early switch for the division lead. The next three games would be played in Target Field. The next three games might be a clue in to a close division race winning team towards the end in the season.

Even without Mauer the Twins won. All the games were very close, but a win is a win and a loss is a loss. The Twins have been able to do just enough to win their games. I believe they won all three games over the Tigers by just one or two runs. These wins gave them a larger lead int he division and more confidence when playing them. These are probably the two teams that will be fighting for the division this year, so ever game that the Twins can take away from the Tigers is crucial.

I do hope that Mauer's shin or leg gets better because he is a vital part of the Twins team, both in the field and in the batters box. he is one of the best batters, as far as getting hits, in the league. Also his batting average is one of the best in the league. So I really hope he gets better, because the Twins could really use his bat in the lineup and behind the plate.

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