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Friday, May 14, 2010

King James?

A NBA playoffs are here and among us, and they have been for the past few weeks. Some of us care and some of us dont. Either way it was pretty difficult to miss all the drama behind the Cavs vs Celtics match up. While this is kind of old news the whole thing was built up to be great and I guess was in a way. The whole match up was suppose to be about LeBron James, also known as King James, and if he would be able to bring the Cavs all the way this year. Like I said before this is kind of old news, so the Cavs did lose. James was not able to do it. It isnt so much that the Cavs lost, because the Celtics are a pretty good team, but it was more or less the effort put forth by the Cavs, and in-particularly James.

I have listened to many different radio broadcast about the match up before and after since I wake up to this sort of thing in the morning. Anyways after Rondo totally dominated and James scored just 15 points in the game there was some room for discussion. Is James not putting forth all his effort? Is he cracking under the pressure? Is he just simply getting beat on defense? All these kind of questions popped up. By the way Rondo and the Celtics did just play really good basketball, but I still kind of see it, being the loss of the series, blamed some on the lack of domination by James. I mean this is the player that is suppose to be consider one of the best, if not the best, and he cant even score his average points per game in a playoff game at home. Maybe the Celtics defense was just that good, but why is James never really totally taken out of a game until now?

There are may questions that are still and never will be answered. There is one though that will be answered, but only in time. This is: what is going to happen to James's future? His contract with the Cavs ended this year. Now will he try to move onto a different team, or will he stick with the Cavs, since he have been with them since day one? This is what makes this whole situation even more dramatic. So many questions just waiting to be answered. Now all we can do is wait, and see it James will be able to keep the nickname, King James.

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