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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still Playing Strong

While I have been away from blogging about the Vikings not much has changed in their ways of playing, they are continuing to win. They are now 10 and 1. They just played the Bears last weekend and smoked them. They are now headed down to the desert to play the Arizona Cardinals.

They are playing Sunday night, tonight, at Arizona. There is quite a bit of chatter about this game because it is the top two conference leaders playing it out. Also you have the Farve vs Warner match up, which it sounds like Warner will be playing in the game. He was questionable because of a concussion which he sustained two games ago. This game is two future hall of famers battling it out. Both teams have an explosive offense. On Arizona's side they have one of the best wide recievers in the league. They also have other good targets to throw to like Boldin. Arizona's defense is also now starting to come together and they are getting pressure on the quarterbacks. On the Vikings side of offense they have widened their targets. Some main ones are Rice, Harvin, and Shiancoe. Then they always have Peterson and Chester as a two headed monster in the back field. Their defense is pretty sound too, with Allen getting plenty of sacks and putting pressure on the quarterbacks. The few weakness I see for the Vikings in this game are that Peterson has been fumbling the football again. These turn overs could be a deciding factor of the winner in this game. Also the Vikings secondary needs to play well tonight because Fitzgerald will be a big play maker for the Arizona offense. The Vikings are playing in Arizona so no home field advantage. Finally they just need to focus one game at a time and not look too far forward in the future, not look over any teams.

This game should be a pretty good one though. Each team is pretty good and this win could give the Vikings the division or at least a playoff birth. Yet again I want Peterson to be the atr in this game. I like having the Vikings win with Farve's arm, but seeing Peterson go for a big game will boost his confidence. Just right now it feels like Peterson isn't quite as convident and is now fumbling the football again. I believe that the Vikings should be able to win this game because of the way they have been playing recently. Purple Power!

My game prediction: Vikings 31 Cardnals 17

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