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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pre- Sunday Night Football


After an important win last Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals the Vikings continue their journey to a bright playoff future. With the win they did clinch a playoff spot, but they have yet to clinch their division because of the dumb cheese headed Green Bay Packers. Who in the world would be proud to be called a Cheese Head anyways? Since the Vikings did happen to beat the Packers both times in the regular season this year they do have the tie breaker if their records stand to be equal in the end, but it will not so no big deal. The Packers are fighting for a wild card spot though, and have a pretty good chance at getting it. I will let the Packers carry on on their own, but what I am concerned about is the Vikings.

This week they travel down to south Carolina to play the Panthers. The Vikings are 11 and 2 while the Panthers are 8 and 5. While the Vikings have already gained their way into the playoffs they look to clinch a division title. If they win they will win the Division and this will be the first time ever that they will have won the division two straight years in a row. For the Panthers their hope for a playoff spot is minimum but possible. This game is a must win as for the rest of their games, so in other words they need to win out to make it to the playoffs. You can guarantee that both teams will be playing hard because they both have something to lose and something to gain. While one team does have to win and lose, I hope that the loser is no the Vikings because I like them better as a team and I think that they have a better chance at winning the Super Bowl than the Panthers. If you go to the link named Sidney Rices Video you will get a feeling of why I also want the Vikings to win. I know that lots of NFL players have stories similar to this, but the fact that Sidney Rice has already noticed the need to give back to the community at such a young age is great. I also know that a lot of kids look up to NFL players and they are not necessarily the best role models, but if more did what Rice is doing, they would be good role models because they are showing that community is important and that you need to help the less fortunate.

Back to more about the game this is a battle between two very successful running backs. First Adrian Peterson, like always, for the Vikings and DeAngelo Williams for the Panthers. Both have rushed for more than one thousand yards for the season, and both are one of the primary leaders of their teams. Peterson should by statics have a better day running against the 26th ranked defense of the Panthers; while Williams has to rush against a Vikings running defense which is ranked 4th. It will be the two Williams on the Vikings defensive line versus Williams, the running back. In the end I believe the Vikings will be able to stop the Panther primarily running offense, and that their offense will be able to score some points with some explosion players. By the way congratulation to Adrian Peterson for setting a Vikings record of 14 touchdowns in a season, and likely to only getting bigger. Lastly I wish the best for the recovery for Percy Harvin who has been suffering from severe migraines for the past two weeks. Go Vikings!

I have not been getting in my game score predictions so I will try again. here it is:

Vikings: 38 Panthers: 13

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