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Sunday, December 6, 2009

One Second Away

Have you ever came this close to winning something. For example you were in a drawing and your ticket number is 3625 and they call 3624, and you think to yourself that man if only you could have been in front of the guy who won. Well that is kind of what happened this weekend in the Big 12 Championship game. Number 3 Texas vs number 22 Nebraska; where Texas was a two touchdown favorite. At least when you are in a drawing your odds are the same as everyone else in the drawing.

This weekend of football was huge. With Florida losing to Alabama, and Cincinnati fighting back to defeat Pittsburgh. Then there was the Big 12 Championship. Apparently this game wasn't even suppose to be that good of a game, and in a way it really wasn't. The final was 13 to 12. Clearly Texas, the fourteen point favorite, had no problem bringing down the underdog Cornhuskers. Now I personally am a Huskers fan and take a lot of crap about how bad and stupid Nebraska is, but after this game I think this really show how much heart and determination the team has. The video I posted with this blog are the highlights if the game.I think the Neraska team showed lots of the respect for football, and their disappointment of a tough loss.As far as the refereeing in the game I will say something since the Nebraska team has enough respect to not. First of all I tough it was pretty crappy. As far as spotting the ball they screwed up twice. As far as calling pass interference even the television announcers did not agree with half the calls. My point is who is to say that the game clock stopped just right ever time a play ended or a time-out was called. The entire game honestly came down to one second. Colt McCoy practically lost the game for Texas because he didn't manage the clock and looked pretty lazy. He lost three yards on the last two plays before the field goal. Then at the end he lied straight through his teeth in front of the United States of America saying that he knew that there would be one second or two left when he threw that ball. I find that kind of funny because over the stadium thought that he just lost the game, but he knew. In my mind he should not win the Heisman Trophy.

Anyways Nebraska gave it their all and lost by the smallest margin, one point. Their defense was outstanding throughout the game. They had nine sacks on McCoy, and got three interceptions. Now they will still go to a Bowl game, and we will actually find out tonight. I acknowledge Suh and the defense and Henery for making 4 of 4 field goals. Henery is clutch. Finally for those who say that Nebraska fans aren't good travellers. Take a look and just listen and you will hear the crowd shout Suh and GO BIG RED!

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