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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Heisman Trophy

Well this weekend the Heisman Trophy was given out. If you do not know what the Heisman is I will tell you. The Heisman trophy is given out to one collegian football player each year, this was the 75th anniversary, who demonstrates the being the most dominate player and influential leader in all college football.So I guess it is kind of like the MVP award like in other sports. It was held in New York City and is televised on ESPN.

This year the top five finalists were Mark Ingram, Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Toby Gerhart, and last and certainly not least Ndamukong Suh. The winner as you may know was Mark Ingram from Alabama. This was the first time in Alabama school history that the recipient of the Heisman went a Alabama player. It was nice to see Ingram win it for Alabama because it was their first, but in my opinion he was not necessarily the best recipient. While I probably have a slight bias opinion because I am a Nebraska fan and Suh was the Nebraska representative I still think that another person other than Suh should have won the award. This would have to be Toby Gerhart. While he went to Stanford and their team finished 8 and 4 I still think he was one of the best candidates. In his last few games he rushed for more than 200 yards in a single game for a couple of games. Gerhart actually got second in the running and lost the closest race for Heisman in history. I am sorry that I do not know where I originally heard this or who first said it, but I heard and I would agree that if Gerhart had been from a bigger school in the PAC 10 like USC he probably would have won it.

While I think that Gerhart may have gotten the rotten apple, I think that Suh could have won the Heisman too. A just defensive player has never won the Heisman before and I think Suh had the best chance out of anybody before. The fact that he still didn't win it and finished fourth in the standings just goes to show how much of an offensive award this really is. Even going farther the Heisman is an award more for quarterbacks and running backs. At least since 2000 all the winners have been quarterbacks or running backs. Actually in 2001 Eric Crouch, a former Nebraska quarterback, was the winner of the Heisman. Even against the odds Suh made it to the top five and finished fourth. Even the recipient of the best defensive player and numerous other awards this year can not win the Heisman. In his last game he showed his leadership for a defense and was one second away to pulling an upset in the Big 12 Championship against Texas. I think part of the reason why McCoy did not win the Heisman was because of Suh. McCoy finished third in the standings, but actually lost to Suh with the number of votes in the Big 12 area and this probably caused him the trophy. The following is a video I found on youtube and just kind of shows what I was trying to say above.
Here is another video of just the Texas game and the highlights of Suh in this game.
In this video I would think that anyone could see the power and influence one player had on this game. It is also very obvious that the Nebraska fans are very aware of the game and will really miss him when he leaves to become one of the highest draft picks in the NFL draft. Oh and by the way when ever you heard the crowd make a noise that sounded like a boo it was not it was a SSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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