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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saints Go Marching Down

Well last night the Saints finally faced defeat. It only seemed a matter of time to me because of very close wins of the the past few games. They have had a game go into overtime because they battled back and scored a touchdown in the last few minutes of the game. Also in other games where they were down in the fourth quarter, but they found a way to win. Good football teams can come back and win, but not every single game can be like this though because you are eventually play a good team and not be able to come back and win. If I could name on team that has had lots of luck this season it would be the Saints. Just for the perfect example the Cowsboys kicker missed a 2o some yard field goal with less than three minutes left in the game and already being ahead by a touchdown. Here is a video of how lucky the Saints were in this game even though they lost. This link will take you to the video: Cowboys misses 24 yard field goal. He hit the right field goal post! Had the kicker made the field goal the game would have been over, but of course the Saints at least had a chance to score again and send the game into overtime or win it with a two point conversion. The Cowboys defense played hard and Ware forced a fumble when he sacked Brees with twelve seconds left.

Now I normally wouldn't be blogging about either team, but the loss for the Saints does effect the Vikings. As I stated the Vikings are 11 and 2 and the previously undefeated Saints, now 13 and 1, were the two main teams fighting for home field advantage in the playoffs. With this loss it helps the Vikings have a better chance at winning the advantage. While the Vikings still have to win their last few game they still only have a small chance. If you look at the two remaining games for the Saints you see that they finish the season on a pretty easy note. They have to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the North Carolina Panthers. Only the Panthers have a winning record of the two. So still the Saint losing one more game it is not very likely, but I guess to think with a more positive attitude anything is possible. It is not like I do not like the Saints, but I like the Vikings better and they are competing for the same thing and for the best record in the NFC. I will just have to wait and see how things play out for the next two weeks.

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