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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vikings Come Back Strong

After a very disappointing performance against the Arizonia Cardinals this weeks game against the Cincinnati Bengals was much better. However before I get into to much about the Vikings vs. Bengals game there was something I wanted to still mention about last weeks game. It is anout E.J. Henderson. If you have not seen what happened during the game I included a video, so here it is so you know where I am coming from when I talk about this.

This is really a hurting moment for both E. J. and the Vikings team as a whole. He was one of the team captians for the Vikings and a leader. Last year he battled against an ingury to be able to come back. He is a pretty good linebacker and is an important key in stopping the run game. His younger brother actually plays for the Vikings too. It was just a scary and sad time. This ingury may end his football job depending on how bad it really was and how good it heals up. The Vikings will sure miss him on and off the field while they continue their hunt for a Super Bowl win.

Today the Vikings beat the Bengals. This game was never really in doubt that the Vikings would win. They lead the entire game. One thing that I really liked about this game was that Peterson was finally out and about again. He seemed to be a little bit more like himself this game and held onto the ball. He didn't quite have 100 yards, but he got two touchdowns. That brought his total on the season for rushing touchdowns to 14. This is a Vikings franchise record, and it will only get harder to beat with a few game remaining in the season. Also the Vikings were able to put up some points on a Bengals defense which have been playing pretty well and is one of the best defenses in the league. In todays game the Vikings did not even have Percy Harvin playing because of illness. Their defense played storng too. They allowed Carson Palmer to pass for only 94 yards. Also they held Cedric Benson under 100 yards rushing. It was nice to have Winfield back playing cornerback because he played well causing a fumble and making great tackles.

Next week the Vikings go to North Carolina and pay the Panthers a little visit. This game should not be too diffidult for the Vikings and they should be able to win it. The Vikings are 11 and 2 and have already clitched a playoff berth. Now if they win against the Panthers they will also clitch the division. Purple Power!

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