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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Weather

Now many people have heard and around the United States of America were commonly affected by the same thing. This one thing would be weather. Now were I live that weather happened to be snow. Not just a little bit, but more like three snow days worth of snow. It turned out to actually be a blizzard because of the high winds afterwards. I just wanted to focus in on how something like weather can affect so many people.

Like in one of my previous blogs I talked about the importance of just one tiny little second of time. Now we had just another good example happen just last week. the storm reached from Colorado all the way to the East Coast at some point. This isn't very standard, thankfully, but it does happen. It is just one of those things that you know is coming or is going to happen but you are still surprise at its great effect it has. It is like a scary movie and you always jump even though you know that the guy is going to be standing in the mirror. This snow storm was predicted yet it surprised many people and even made world news. I guess the moral is a moral that has been in existence a while, but here it is: Expect the Unexpected or Anthing can Happen.

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