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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almost Christmas/ Holiday?

It is 5 days before Christmas, but yet it does not seem too Christmasy. Yeah I made that up the word christmasy, but when ever you are in doubt of needing an adjective to descibe something that is an event, holiday, or somethings of that matter just add a -y or -ish to the end of the word. For example orangeish or computery. It just means that it is not quite orange, just slightly orange; or it just has something to do with computers. Christmasy is just a word to describe the amount Christmas or sense of Christmas. To get back on track though it does not seem like Christmas is near. It feels like it is just another cold day in mid January with snow on the ground. Maybe it does not feel like Christmas time because now it has turned into Holiday. Christmas does not equal Holiday. A holiday is any day which is recognized for a reason. Now a days we have just capitalized it and made it noun to be less offensive. How long have people been saying Merry Christmas for anyways? When someone says Merry Christmas it is extremely unlikely that they are actually meaning it to be offense and mean the celebration of Christ's birth. Christmas has become such a material holiday that the first thing that comes to peoples minds when someone says Merry Christmas is Santa and presents. I say Merry Christmas to people all the time and never once have I ever gotten chewed out or corrected to saying it instead of happy holidays. People are too sensitive if they have the time to correct you about a saying that has been said for hundreds of years. I like Christmas for the actually meaning and the material holiday it has turned into, but why worry about one little common saying: Merry Christmas! I hope you have a good one too!

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