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Friday, April 23, 2010

Mavs Teeter- toter

The Mavericks seem to be on their heels lately in the last two games in the NBA Playoffs. They lost last night to the San Antonio Spurs 94 to 90. A close game, but they still lost. One thing that the Dallas team is slightly upset with is the officiating. Like other sports this is often a common excuse if the losing team loses in a close game. It happens in basketball, football, baseball, etc. Sometimes this really is the case, and sometimes in a really close game the officiating really does need to be right on and less about opinion. For an example which still lingers in some Vikings fans head were the last couple calls in the overtime loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship game. The pass interference call moved the ball down the field which would eventually put the Saints in position to kick the game winning field goal. Now I am not saying that the result would have been different if the call would have been correct be not making the call, but it very well could have. Well here in this example the Mavs are saying that they are getting called for way too much. One player, which was making the complaints had more fouls than points and rebounds combined in Game 3. While Tim Duncan of the Spurs had twice as much playing time and only two fouls. The player wasnt even just talking about him, but also other team mates which were getting unfair calls on them. Sometimes the complaints are semi legitimate and others just out there to complain, but in this case I would have to side with the Mavs. Make it up in Game 4.

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