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Friday, April 2, 2010

And Then There Were Four

As we all know, or most of us know, it is now April, and no longer March. That does not mean that the madness is far from over though. Of course I am talking about March madness, the college basketball tournament. Well just a little less than a week ago the Final Four were decided. Oddly enough though, only one of the four teams remaining in the tournament are a number 1. That would be Duke. Even having that said, there is still maybe a little bit of a surprise there. Duke was kind of said to be before the tournament one of the number one seeds to go down, and maybe even in the first couple of rounds. But now on the one side we have Duke and West Virginia. A number one seeded Duke vs. a number two seeded West Virginia. All in all though according to the seeds, there should not be that much of a surprise in that match up. If you look to the other side of the bracket there are some pretty big shockers. We have two, five seeded teams playing each other, guaranteeing a five seeded team into the National Title game. This match up is Butler vs. Michigan State. This entire tournament seemed to have that little bit of extra madness this year, and it could go all the way. Whoever is the winner of the Butler vs. Michigan State game will be playing in the National Title game as a five seed. Then this winner will be playing either a number two seed or the last remaining one seed. The fact that a five seed will make it into the final game just adds to the suspense and attitude of the tournament. It also just kind of builds up the high possibility of a big upset in the National Title game. Personally I don't really like Duke that much and would like to see them lose against West Virginia. That is not to say that I particularly want West Virginia to win it all. I would like to se the upset in the National Title game. It would the the cherry on top and the perfect summary of this years March Madness tournament. The overall number seed getting upset by Northern Iowa and not even making it into the Sweet Sixteen, and all the other unexpected upsets that happened earlier. Personally I would like to see Butler win it all. Michigan State is okay, but they did beat out Northern Iowa, who I was originally rooting for, so they aren't really on my top list. Also I think Michigan State after losing their key player won't be as good competition in the title game. If Butler makes it into the title game it will make for a good local story too, because the Final Four is being held in Indianapolis, and Butler is real close to there. So my hopeful finalist would be Butler vs. West Virginia. I would like to see Butler win, but if West Virginia happened to win that would be okay too since they haven't been this far in the tournament in I believe about 50 years. In the end I hope to be seeing Butler, the local high spirited team from around Indianapolis, cut down the nets. All we can do now is just wait for tomorrow while the Butler vs. Michigan State games runs in the afternoon and the Duke vs. West Virginia game runs in the evening. Then the two winners will battle it out to decide the National College Basketball Champion.

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