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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Confusion about Easter

Have you ever just sat down and decided that you would begin to think about the oddities of some parts of our lives. Well if you nave never done this I will give you a very easy topic to start with. Holidays, Events and the imaginary kind of things we associate them. Still Easter is this weekend this would be the perfect time and the prefect example.

Easter is probably the most screwed up commercial holiday that we have. First off there is the Easter bunny. Fine there really isn't anything truly wrong with associating a semi peaceful and cute little animal with a holiday. Also bunnies are kind of a sign of spring and Easter happens to occur around spring time. But there are just a few flaws. First of all we always call the animal the Easter bunny and not the Easter rabbit. Some how the name bunny just sounds more innocent and cute than rabbit. Second of all this bunny apparently hops around to everyones house in one night and delivers candy, goodies, and toys. This part is worst than Santa. At least Santa doesn't manual have to go to each house, he just sits in a sleigh. Not only does the Easter bunny have to travel by foot, but by hopping. I would just like to see you try and jump all the way down your street and back, let alone everyones house. Also if this bunny has to go every where what does he use to carry all these goodies for all the children. It is not like he has a huge sleigh or magic to help him with that. So not only does he have to hop everywhere he has to hop back and forth from his house and carry as many baskets as he can at a time before he has to go back again and restock.

Enough with the bunny business. Now to the eggs. The egg part of Easter is alright and kind of neat. It is rather kind of strange though too. Who ever thought of decorating your eggs, but I guess it is kind of similar to Halloween when we carve out pumpkins or paint them. Just a reason for those people who enjoy playing with their food to do so. Fine we decorate our eggs and have a good time, so what. Well that is not enough. We think we have to go and hide them around our homes and make it a big hunt. Why did we begin to hide real eggs in our houses and claiming that a bunny came by and hid them and left baskets full of goodies? I mean it would stink to not find the last egg, literally.

Well there was your seasonal example of the one of the holiday oddities that we have. The next could be the tooth fairy.

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