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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twins Finding Success

The Twins are coming out strong so far this year. They have played a few more than ten games and already have a winning record. I believe their early success has to do with a variety of good things that they need to keep up doing.

First off their batting have been pretty good. When they have needed a run they have been for the most part able to create one. As a whole their lineup has been able to run of the pitch count on the starting pitcher. This is important because when they are at bat they are able to get many views and a variety of pitches and may be able to sort through them and find one they like. Also this wears down on the pitcher and makes him work harder. This could create walks or just catch him off guard on a pitch that ends up going over the fence. They have been able to get on base so there is always a possibility of putting on added pressure to the defense of the other team to watch this runner, because their team overall still has pretty good speed. As everyone probably knows the middle of the lineup is the Twins power house. With the trio of Mauer, Morneau, and Cuddyer. These three probably lead the Twins in their offensive and are probably a moral boost in the dug out.

Second of all the Twins pitching has so far been able to hold up. No one pitcher on the their team is really a star. They dont have a Hallaway, or a Santana, but just a group of your kind of everyday pitchers. I think this is good though because then they can feed off of each other and not solely depend on one person to do all the work. Also they have been pitching pretty close to any other pitcher that they have faced. Sure they will lose and sometimes lose bad, or just have an off day, but they have so far at least kept the Twins in the games. The pitchers I believe know that they have a pretty good lineup behind them and if they do allow a run or two that it shouldnt be the end of the game. I think I may have mentioned something about the Twins having their closing pitcher out for the season. So far though the guy to replace him has done very well. I believe that he is six for six in saves so far. Even with a little of their early success I am still mostly worried about the Twins pitching, as long as they can keep it close in games.

Thirdly I think the new ball park has at least sparked a little excitement in the players and fans. It is always nice to play for a full stadium of people rather than a half full stadium. The fans seem to have responded well to the new stadium as well as the players. The Metrodome held lots of special memories in the Twins history, but now a home just for them, that doesnt have to be shared. I think that the players kind of feel like they have to play for their new stadium, in a way of telling the public thanks and earning the key to their new home.

I am really excited to see were the Twins go through out the season and who make it to the playoffs in the end. It would be really neat to see the the very first playoff game played at Target Field. So good luck and I will be talking about the Twins most likely later in a week.

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