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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Start to a New Season

Now some may be thinking that this blog would be about the time of year when the transition of winter turns to spring. You are some what correct, but it is also more over the start of something new when this new season begins. That would be the start of the baseball season.

Now I am a Twins fan. I was very happy that the Twins were able to keep Joe Mauer in their lineup. He is probably one of the best catchers the game has ever seen. Also Morneau helps just a little bit. This year the Twins are going to have to focus on winning games by their offense and their field defense. The weakest thing in my opinion is their pitching. Ever since Santana left to the Mets the Twins pitching has been hurting a little. What really urts the Twins this year is the information about Joe Nathan. He is having surgery on his throwing elbow. Nathan has been one of the best in closing game for the past few years. It will be difficult to replace him, at such an important position. The Twins starting pitching is just kind of average. Unless a pitcher or two finds some new stuff in their pitch the Twins are going to have to rely pretty heavily on their batting. This isnt that bad of a situation though. The Twins lineup looks pretty good. Especially with one of the best three to four man combinations in the game. Their speed on defense is really good. Their outfield has great range and they improved upon their infield during the off season. I am really pretty excited for the season. The Twins may have a few problems, but with the division they are in, the other teams look to be in similar situations. Only time will tell on how their season will end up, hopefully going deep into the playoffs.

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