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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Opening Day at Target Field

Well it has now been about a week since the Twins opened in their new ball park, but it seems to be pretty nice and welcoming to the Twins. They opened in their park with a game against the the Boston Red Sox. The new ball park seemed to be pretty whole in attendance and pretty popular. The club acknowledged many popular figures and former ball players or the Twins in a nice opening ceremony. In many sense the players really liked it and enjoyed the day too. It is always nice to win in your new stadium on opening day too. The Twins beat the Red Sox 5-2. The first home run, hit by Jason Kubel, was also hit on opening day. From now on it will be a beginning of firsts. The first run scored, the first hit, the first double, triple. etc. This is just a link to a brief video from a local news cast that was able to get some of the players reactions to the opening game day feeling and the new ball park. The name of the new ball park is Target Field. I found this to be kind of strange, just because I mean its Target for pete sakes. I didnt even know that companies like Target would do that kind of thing. It would kind of be like Wal Mart naming themselves on a stadium. I at least could have seen that one coming before Target since Wal Mart is such a power house in todays society. Even from the name the stadium looks really nice and I really kind of want to go there. Just from watching videos it appears that the big Minnesota logo thing lights up of something ever time a Twins player hits a home run. I hope the Twins continue to win, even if it is only like five games or so into the season. Slightly off topic but still sort of related is that the people of Minnesota should be happy about their new stadium. It probably did come out of their pockets some but it appears to be pretty nice. Now I honestly hope the the Vikings are able to get a new stadium. They have been asking for one for a while and are probably the most popular team Minnesota has yet they are so far the last to get one. The Twins and yes even the Golden Gophers got one before the Vikings did, which I found kind of strange. One problem now that I heard is that there isnt really much room and the good tax paying people of Minnesota just paid for a new stadium. Even still i would like to see an impressive Vikings football stadium go up.

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