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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy Day in Baseball

Just in case you may not have heard yesterday was a crazy day in baseball. Not only was there a no hitter there was also a game that last just shy of 7 hours, 6 hours and 53 minutes to be more exact.

The no hitter came from the Rockies pitcher, Ubaldo Jimenez, which is the first in the Rockies club history. He pitched a good game obviously, but he also got a little help from the defense. There was one grab in the outfield in the seventh inning that could have very well been a hit, but the center fielder of the Rockies made a great effort to run over and dive out and make the grab at the ball. This kind of achievement doesnt happen really much each year in baseball, maybe just a couple of times, out of thousands of games.

Another thing that doesnt happen every often is a baseball game that almost lasts seven hours. If I would have been watching this game live I would have been bored out of my mind. Mostly because it was so long, but also because neither team scored until the 19th inning. But then once one scored a run the other decided they should score too. So the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals finally went to 20 innings. By now the Cardinals had had their second baseman pitch and their shortstop. The Mets finally scored again in the top of the 20th, and the Cardinals were not able to quite match that. It made for a crazy game in the end though. This game was all good pitching though from the start as could be inferred from the score of the game even after 20 innings. These two events made for quite the day in the life of baseball. A no hitter and a 20 inning game with a final score of 2-1. Well I must say that I tried to find a decent video that would allow embedding, but I could find one so here is just a link to get to decent video.

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