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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No Real Loser

As many of us already know, the madness came in a final showdown. The Duke Blue Devils vs. the Butler Bulldogs. This game was one to go down in history and is to be considered one of the greatest national titles in college basketball. The game literally came down to just a few points and a few seconds. I am titling this blog no real loser because as most of us know, and if you dont you must really not pay any attention to sports, Duke did end up winning. Like i had said in a previous blog i had wanted Butler to win it all, and in some sense they did and in other they just bricked it. just in came you did just some how miss the game or key plays here is a nice little video to help you along.
So as you can see this game came down to the seconds and just two points; a final score of 61-59. The point that I mostly want to make is on the behalf of Butler. They broke all the boundaries of the publics reputation and what they expected from them. many thought that they would lose in about the second bracket, and if they were lucky they would make it to the sweet sixteen, but then lose. That didnt happen though. I can not be here right now though and say that i have been a Butler fan or believed in this team because to be honest I didnt really know about them until they started to pull off all the upsets. In my own defense though I have said that I am just a fan of March Madness and really could care less about the regular season. This Butler team did so much for the culture of the college basketball game. Being a 5 seed and making the just about the closest run you can at a national title. I am not right now providing any evidence for those people who want to open the tournament up to about 128 teams though. This is a crazy idea and really just a waste. Yes some teams can make runs for it, and yes the upsets are what make the whole thing fun, but no not this many teams need to be in the tournament. I do not want to get too off topic, but I just know there is someone out there right now thinking that they should, but you are wrong for thinking that; now where was I. Oh yeah on how Butler really impressed people. If you watched the video, and if you didnt you should because it will help in you understanding because I am not going to summarize everything that happened in the game, plus it gets you in the scene. Well right in the final closing minutes Butlers shoots the ball in a fade away and right here I am thinking short because the dude is drifting back. I guess he was also thinking this too because he put just a little more push on it and it squarely hit the back part of the rim. At the time this would have given Butler the lead. We dont know what would have happened after that though. So well stick with the fact that he missed it and the game continued as is until the last approximate three seconds. Now here the Butler guy grabs the rebound and off the missed second free throw and get to about the corner of the mid court line. Now I dont know about you but I didnt feel anything really. I mean I was thinking the game is over. The shot missed and Duke won. Then about a minute afterwards, yeah it took me awhile, I realized that if that last shot had done in Butler would have won the game. If that shot had done it Butler would have made the greatest national title in college basketball ever. If Butler would have made that shot that guy would be trampled and the place would be exploding. The thing is he didnt, but it was crazy how close he even came. I remember hearing a Duke player in an interview about what he was thinking while the ball was in the air, and he had some time because that was a heck of a shot. The Duke player responded something like he thought it could go in, but he really hoped it wouldnt. That shot not have come that close to winning the game. A few inches down on the back board and it would have been good. Enough with the would have, could have, should haves. That fact is the game truly didnt have a loser. Yes technically Duke won and congratulations, but Butler had won just to get there and to play at the level they did and come a few of just about everything close to winning. I respect Butler and wish them the best of luck next year at the tournament.

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