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Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL Draft

Well another draft has come and gone. The were some surprises and some very expected picks. I preferable want to talk some on the Vikings draft choices, but mention some of the other interesting draft picks from my point of view.

Lets first get all the extra information out of the way about the oddities and expected. The Rams went like they were believed to and picked Sam Bradford. I guess I am okay with this, but I guess I am not that big of a Sam Bradford fan. Who is to say he is not going to get hurt when getting sacked by someone like Suh who went second to the Lions. I am happy for Suh, and am a huge Suh fan, but scared out of my mind that he went to a conference rival and the Vikings have a 40 year old quarterback. To put it into perspective I ran across this video which would have to be very worrisome to whoever this happens to.
The biggest hit on Farve, equals Vikings without a veteran quarterback. Anyhow we will have to wait and see how the season turns out. Definably the biggest draft pick was... you probably already got it...Tim Tebow. He was the first draft by the Denver Broncos. I would like to ask what they have in mind. The already have Orton and Quinn, so why do they need a Tebow who was one of the quarterbacks to go last. In fact Colt McCoy didn't drafted until the third round. The fact that Jimmy and Colt went down as far as they did was quite surprising. There were a couple other minor surprises, but none bigger then these.

I think I like most of the draft picks by the Vikings. They traded some in their spots and it appeared to work out well for them. Their first draft pick was Chris Cook, CB from Virginia. He will hopefully help a semi struggling secondary in my opinion, which was one of the Vikings weaker parts of the the team. Then a little bit of a surprise was that the Vikings picked Toby Gerhart, RB from Stanford. Yeah you have probably heard this name before. He got second in the Heisman in the closest voting yet. I was kind of asking why they went out and got a running back when they already had Peterson, but what I realized soon after was that Chester Taylor left, therefore they needed some type of replacement. Then they went out and got some big guys for both the offensive and defensive line. Then they continued to go and get some linebackers and a tight end. Another semi strange thing was they drafted a quarterback in the 6th round. They have a few QBs already, unless they hope to really train and raise up a new quarterback, I really dont see the need for one right now. Anyways I think overall the Vikings did pretty well with they drafts picks and only the future will tell if they pay off or end up hurting them in the long run of things.

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