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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sharks Biting the Avalanche

Now I know that the NHL isn't really that popular in the USA, but I really dont see why. There is plenty of cool things that happen in hockey, and it is semi fun to watch. Only during the Olympics does some of the public seem to watch. I mean one of the greatest upsets in the history of sports came in hockey. In the Olympics of 1980 the USA defeated the Soviet Union. This was the miracle on ice. Now that was suppose to boost the popularity, and it did for a year of so, but even now hockey does not seem to be very popular.

Even if you dont pay attention to hockey, I have tried some to stick to a team. It kind of all happened on accident. I got a gift from my relatives that live out in California, close to San Jose. They knew that I liked sports, so they figured that they would get me a sports t shirt of some kind. Well as it turns out the only kind the store really had that looked alright was a San Jose Sharks shirt. Now when I got the present I was kind of surprised because up til then I did not really pay any attention to hockey like most Americans. I had not even heard of the San Jose Sharks. That is actually kind of a lie, though. I had a friend when I was little that was a hockey fan, and they liked the Red Wings, pretty much the only hockey team any one knows, but any way my friend had some hockey cards. I looked at them one time for the heck of it, and saw that towards the back there were a bunch of Shark players. She said that she didnt really like them and they werent that good, but she had a bunch of them so she put them in the back of her collection. It seems kind of strange that those would be the only cards I would remember her having, and a few years later getting a t shirt of that one hockey team.

Well once I got the shirt I figured that if I wore a shirt of a hockey team I should at least know something about them. I looked them up and found out some information about them. As it turns out they had gotten quite a bit better since the last time I had heard anything about them. In fact they were one of the better teams in the league. I thought this was kind of cool then, so I decided that I would become a fan of the San Jose Sharks. I also thought their logo looked pretty cool.

So that kind of brings me where I am today. The Sharks in the playoffs again this year and are one of the best teams again this year. The past couple of years the Sharks have had very good regular season, but have had a curse once it comes to the playoffs. Again this year they are kind of in the same place. They just the fifth game of the best of seven match. They are playing the Colorado Avalanche. The series is at 3-2 right now, and they play on Sunday. They need the win this up coming game so they move on and make it to the Championship Game and finally win it all. So I wish the Sharks good luck in their post season playoffs and that they dont make a stupid early exit.

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