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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Sick Blog

Missing school is way over rated. I just don't understand why some people skip class. Usually it is because they are not very good in that subject, so instead of going they decide it would be better to just not go at all. This is such bull crap though. I mean if they don't like the class because they are not very good at it, then the only way to get better is to actually show up for class with your thinking cap on. Right now I am in the position of not even having the choice of going to class. Currently I am sick, but of course life doesn't stop for you to catch up, but instead just continues on even faster. Catching up on homework and making up tests, that is what missing classes in high school is all about.

In grade school missing school was awesome. You had just about one teacher and she would feel really bad for you and not make you make up all the assignments because you were just this little, innocent child. Then once you hit middle school, missing school wasn't too bad, but now at this age you aren't as cute so you are still expected to make up the work. There isn't too much make up work if you just missed a few days, but if you missed a week of school it was kind of hard to catch up. The gears then switch into over drive when you are in high school. It is like your teachers punish you for missing a day of class. Not just one of your teachers does this, but all of them do, so then it is just about six times worse. This is why I hate missing school now, especially when you are just sick. It is not like you are enjoying yourself at home when you are sick, but more like your head is going to explode when you just try to stand up. You feel terrible for a few days because you are sick, and then you feel terrible again because now you have hours of make up work to do into the wee hours of the morning. The irony of it all is that you probably got sick in the first place because of all the germs and sick kids at school! So right now I am sick, writing this blog post for homework just to find out that even though I am trying to stay ahead or at least on the same page, I am just slowly falling back into the many pages of make up work that I know will be lurking around each corner.

Tips to stay healthy:
1. Wash your hands often, so when you high five your best friend you are not giving them the middle finger of germs.
2. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, more stuff happens when you are asleep then you may think.
3. Cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow or tissue, nobody wants to get a nice germy shower.
4. Eat healthy, your body needs the right nutrition to fight off those bad guys.
5. Finally if you do get sick stay at home, it sucks to miss school with all of the make up homework, but just think of all those other wonderful highschoolers that are sitting in their classes wishing they were somewhere else doing something else until it actually happens.

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  1. Oh man Afro, I know what you mean... It is outragous what missing school will do to you these days. Its academic suicide...

    If you need anything, let me know